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Daily Sport interviews Chazz Witherspoon

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The Daily Sport interviews Chazz Witherspoon who will be fighting Seth Mitchell on April 28th in Atlantic City and it will be for the NABO Title, the main event for the night is the Bernard Hopkins v Chad Dawson on the rematch, I caught up with him after his training session in California.

Samaarah – We’ve got Chazz ” The Gentleman” Witherspoon interview exclusively for Daily Sport, for those who don’t know who Chazz is, he’s facing Seth Mitchell on April 28 on the Hopkins v Dawson main event aired by HBO in Atlantic City. So Chazz how are you

Chazz Witherspoon – I’m doing good, I’m doing pretty good.

Samaarah – Ok so where are you right now then?

Chazz Witherspoon – Right now I’m in California, I’m on the West coast and I’m out here working hard and I’ve been doing a lot of training and I’m getting into really good shape for this fight.

Samaarah – That’s great April the 28th is just round the corner how has your preparation been going ?

Chazz Witherspoon – It’s going pretty good, I mean I’m doing a lot of things that I’ve never done before like running a lot of hills and I don’t normally run hills.  Well actually this the first time that I’m away from home and I’m able to just concentrate on just boxing and training.  I have four boys and my oldest son is six so I have five year old, a four year old, a three year old and two year old and also have one on the way and that’s coming in July so, I’m always there at home cos I’m a really involved father and I don’t get a lot of sleep but over here I’ve been getting around seven hours of sleep and things are really coming along.

Samaarah – So it sound like you’ve got a busy home life and with regard to the last four fights that you’ve won how do you think you’ll do against Mitchell, he’s also a giant and he’s a tremendous fighter ?

Chazz Witherspoon – I was just laughing when you said he’s a giant ( Chazz laughs ) I believe it’s going to be a good fight he’s definitely a step up in class of opponent from the last four fights I’ve been fighting but actually one of the fights I’m going to have actively have experience in. I came into the boxing league myself at the age of 21 and I’m 30 now so he came into boxing about four and half years ago so I have more experiencethan him so I’m going to use that to my advantage and I believe it’s going to be a really competitive fight and he’s going to be ready to be going in, and I’m going to be ready to be going in so we are going to bring it, you know he’s throws a lot of punches and I throw a lot of punches and I think it’s going to be a really good fight.

Samaarah – So that sounds like a little bit of a plan you’ve got going on, so Chazz you say that you’ve become professional in 2004, you’ve nearly won all of your fights, tell us about your record?

Chazz Witherspoon – I am 30 and 2, with 22 knock outs and my 2 losses are one to Arreolla when I was 23 and 0 and from that standpoint and I’ve come a long way in my career and I believe in that fight I kinda got caught up in the emotion of the fight and he came charging and I started trading with him and he’s a slugger so I kinda got pulled into his fight especially in the later rounds I kind got pulled into his fight.  My second loss was to Tony “The Tiger” Thompson, so I’ve lost to the top ten people, and I’ve learnt from both my losses and I believe that you get better when you work properly after you have a loss and only in boxing nowadays they write your career off as soon as you lose a fight your career is done and I don’t know why that is and it makes no sense to me.  It’s all good and I’m going to show my best efforts on April 28th.

Samaarah – So that will give a few fans a bit of insight of what you’ve done in your career, what kind of techniques can you reveal about your training, is there anything significant your coach has told you to do ?

Chazz Witherspoon – Well I cant reveal anything about the strategy but we’ve been doing good and my coach is a really good coach and I would like to say that he’s a genius in the ways and some of the metaphors that he uses when it comes to boxing, so he knows his protocols and he’s a really good strategist and he’s training me really well and hard and one thing that you gonna be sure is that I’m going to be in tip top shape. Idefinitely plan on giving my best performance in this fight and you will see me at my best.

Samaarah – So your coach sounds like an intelligent man there, and obviously you say that your going to be fighting at your prime so hopefully we;ll be experiencing that on April 28th. So what sparring partners have you had ?

Chazz Witherspoon – Ive been working with a couple of guys, they’ve been bringing people in difference days and they’ve been sparring with me for a minute at a time and they come out just for a minute and they’ve been coming at me really hard, Seth Mitchell he’s a pressure fighter and I’m ready enough.

Samaarah – Have you spoken to Bernard Hopkins ? What kind of build up are you all expecting on April 28th in Atlantic City ?

Chazz Witherspoon – I haven’t actually spoken to Bernard and he actually trains at my gym back in Philly and I haven’t talked to him since I’ve known I’m having this fight and it’s going to be a really good fight and it’s hard to get tickets actually, normally my father actually sells a lot of tickets for my fights and a lot of people have been coming to my father to get tickets but they’re hard to get tickets so I think they must also be sold out right now so it’s going to be a lot of people down there from Philly they going to come out and support me and Bernard and lot of people will be coming from Washington DC to support Seth, so it’s going to be packed out and a good crowd.

Samaarah – Well it sounds like it’s going to be electrifying, now in the past you were offered Basketball and Track Scholarships what made you take up boxing instead?

Chazz Witherspoon – I took an Academic Scholarship to Saint Joe’s which is the college that I graduated from and I graduated with a degree inPharmaceutical Marketing and I have 3 divisional basketball and 2 track scholarships and I went to Saint Joe’s to play basketball and I also wanted to get my grades to be ok so I opted not to go to the team and stay at school and I just tried boxing to see and then I enjoyed boxing which led to this and the rest is history,

Samaarah – Lastly give us your opinion about Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather on Cinco De Mayo, what do you thinks going to happen ?

Chazz Witherspoon – I like Miguel and I like Floyd and they are both champions, I believe that Floyd is going to win the fight in the way he’s undefeated so I can’t see Miguel beating him and I don’t think in this fight he’s going to beat Floyd.

Samaarah – Ok that’s great thanks very much for doing this interview, hopefully you’ll get twitter at some point ?

Chazz Witherspoon – I just got twitter and I’m not a big tweeter but I’m going to get on there I guess.

Samaarah – Ok that’s good as there will be fans looking for you.

Chazz Witherspoon – Ok beautiful.

Samaarah – Thanks very much then bye

Chazz Witherspoon – I appreciate you thank you.

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