British Wrestling is BACK on TV after 30 years


logoThe new UK comedy film ‘Walk Like A Panther’ – premiered in Manchester last week – is a throwback to the days when spandex-wearing men and women would grapple for the entertainment of millions on Saturday afternoon telly.

But there is no need for nostalgia any more…because British wrestling is BACK on TV screens after 3 decades in the wilderness thanks to Gred Dyke and co in the late 80’s, FREE 2 AIR Sports channel FREESPORT have brought back one of the UK’s most popular sporting events.

British wrestling never really went away after ITV cancelled its weekly grapple programme in 1988 but it has taken three long decades for the lords of the UK ring to return to weekly TV available to millions of British households.

Now 5 Star Wrestling has brought weekly live pro wrestling back to UK television …and this time it’s LIVE!

The stars of wrestling can be seen battling it out every Thursday night at 7pm on the new free-to-air sports channel FreeSports available on Sky, Freeview, Freesat, Talk Talk TV and BT TV.5Star220218Grado

And Manchester wrestling fans are about to get a taste of the 5 Star Wrestling live TV experience when their dynamic show visits the Manchester Arena on Thursday, March 22 to show what the new generation of British TV wrestling stars are all about.

“British wrestling was a staple of this country’s TV viewing culture back in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s,” said Greg Lambert, 5 Star Wrestling commentator.

“The likes of Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Manchester’s own Rollerball Rocco were household names and loved by millions who watched them every Saturday afternoon…but then ITV cancelled the wrestling and there was a national outcry.

“It’s taken 30 years for British wrestling to return to television and this time it’s live!

“In the old days the shows were almost always taped and aired a few days or even weeks later. So 5 Star Wrestling is breaking new ground by broadcasting a live three-hour show on UK television every Thursday night.

“We’re also doing it from the biggest British venues, including the Manchester Arena.”

Lambert said that while many 5 Star fans tune in to watch the former WWE superstars of American wrestling like the masked Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, the up-and-coming Brits are starting to become stars in their own right.

“People love watching wrestling for the larger-than-life characters and the new generation of British grapplers are worthy successors to those big personalities of old,” he said.

“The likes of ‘English Lion’ Eddie Ryan, who has an action hero physique and wears a lion mask, have become firm favourites with our TV viewers.

“We have Manchester-born high-flyer ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch who is incredibly acrobatic and flies all over the ring. Then there is Mark Haskins, a phenomenal technical wrestler with long hair who looks like a rock star. And the 5 Star Tag Team Champions Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted and ‘Champagne’ Charlie Sterling, who our fans love to hate because of their arrogant attitudes. 5Star220218Jody

“Maxted first became a star on the ITV reality show Love Island in 2016 but is now showing off his muscles in the wrestling ring instead of a Spanish beach!

“We also have the charismatic Grado, who is a worthy successor to Big Daddy as a family favourite who has crossed over into ‘pop culture’ due to his appearances on hit TV sitcoms like Scot Squad and Two Doors Down.”

Grado’s ‘cross over appeal’ was shown last week when he attended the premiere of the new wrestling film ‘Walk Like A Panther’ at the Printworks in Manchester.

There the loveable Scotsman rubbed shoulders with stars including Paul Scholes, Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian and Rick Astley.

“People from all walks of life warm to Grado, just like they did Big Daddy,” said Greg.

“Mums, dads, grandmas, grandads and kids all love him.

“Wrestling is just a great night out for families. We see huge crowds of children at our events, wearing their Rey Mysterio masks. We also have a VIP ticket package where fans can meet the wrestling stars before the event so they get a really interactive, up close and personal experience.”

Tickets are available to see 5 Star Wrestling at the Manchester Arena on Thursday night, March 22, from BOX OFFICE



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