DailySport catches up with John Frankham from The Ring ABC, Bracknell


PZ:  How did you first get into boxing?


JF:  Boxing has been in my family for about four generations. My father was the British light heavyweight champion, beating Chris Finnegan to win the title. He was known by everyone as Gypsy John Frankham. As an amateur, he did it all, (including winning nine national titles), apart from fight in the Olympics he had the cabinet full. My grandfather and great grandfather used to box in the booths. It runs in the blood.


And now my son is the next generation to carry the flag. His name is Charles Frankham, he’s 14 years old, has won five national titles and is unbeaten in 30 fights. In fact, he hasn’t lost a single round in all of those fights. His reputation is spreading fast, which is starting to make it difficult to get him fights.


We also have a few other champs training at the club, including Michael Price and Gorge Jargo. All the lads who attend train their heart out and it’s them collectively that make this club.


  • PZ:  How did your son get involved?


JF:  I guess the family history and passion for the sport. Our family’s achievements in boxing are quite an inspiration. The other thing I would also say is the number of

PZ:  What purpose are you looking for it to serve in the local area of Bracknell?


JF:  Bracknell has always had a good boxing community with boxing clubs being run over a number of decades. Unfortunately, most of them have been closed down and I believe we are currently the only boxing club operating within Bracknell. We have people travelling from as far away as 70 miles, from places such as Luton, Cambridge and Essex, so we must be doing something right.


  • PZ:  If I’m a kid thinking about joining a boxing club, who have either been bullied, constantly getting into trouble or want to get fit, why should I come to The Ring?


JF:  Irrespective of what you’re background is, your religion, race, or whether you’ve been in trouble, the club is open to you. The only people we don’t allow through these doors are bullies, in no way shape or form.


The boxing training will make you very fit, disciplined but you will also become part of a new community and have a laugh and giggle with new friends. The club caters for people of all ambitions. If you don’t want to be a national champion, you are welcome to train here. If your ambitions are to be the best in boxing, we will do our utmost to make sure you achieve your goals.


PZ:  Tell me about ‘The Ring’ ABC?


JF:  The site used to be a nightclub and in all honesty, the site couldn’t afford to keep going as a nightclub. So what they did was cut it in half. One half is a bar and the other half is a boxing club. Since we’ve started training there, we’ve had loads of sponsorship, brand new equipment and in general, great support from the local community

PZ:  What nights are you open?


JF:  We are open six days per week. We start about 6pm. The keep fitters go on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning, and boxers go on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning.


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