DailySport catches up with hot super middleweight boxing prospect Frank Buglioni


PZ:      How did you get into boxing?


FB:      Originally I was playing football as a youngster, and to be honest I used boxing as a fitness tool to get me strong and give me a bit of confidence. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up quitting football and just focused on the boxing.


I was about 13 or 14 when I started.


PZ:      Tell us about your amateur career?


FB:      I had about sixty fights and lost under ten. I won most of my fights by knockout.


I spent the last 18 months of my amateur career boxing on the GB Team, and thoroughly enjoyed my amateur days. I travelled all round the world with Repton, England and Great Britain, had some quality sparring over that time and manage to fight some great names.


PZ:      With a knockout ratio as high as yours in the amateurs, turning pro was inevitable I would have thought?


FB:      That’s right Paul. Quite a few people, ex pro boxers and coaches all said that I can hit hard with both hands, and that’s what the pro game is all about.


Truth be told, I had never really thought about the pro game before, simply because I never thought I was good enough to turn professional. But then when I got onto the GB Team and was close to making the Olympics, I thought to myself, let’s give the pro game a go! The second I started I fell in love with the professional side of things.


PZ:      I’m guessing the surname ‘Buglioni’ is from Italy. Tell us a bit more about your family, where your roots are from.


FB:      My mum is from South London originally and my dad is from North London. My dad’s side of the family is Italian, and I believe it’s quite a strong gene as many people say I look Italian.  It’s the way of life that is the still very prominent amongst the Buglioni household, as we eat very healthy food and make sure we eat all together.


PZ:      Anybody else in your family who boxes?


FB:      There isn’t. I believe way back there were a couple of Buglioni’s who fought in America, and it’s my understanding that we are all related. Many years ago one side of the Buglioni’s left Italy and went to England and the others to the USA. It’s funny how although nobody has fought from my direct family here in the UK, the Buglioni’s who emigrated to the USA turned to boxing out there.


PZ:      You have only lost one round in your 7-0 career to date, and have five KO’s. Do looking for the knockout, or is it a bonus when it comes?


FB:      It’s a bonus when it comes. I’m a pressure fighter and am constantly moving forward, and it sometimes looks like I’m going for that knockout from the outset, but that’s not the case. When moving forward I see the opportunity and let the hands loose. If the knockout comes then great, if not, I’m glad with the win.


Mark (Tibbs) has been refining my style, to be able to fight in close with good defence and better head movement.


PZ:      Tell us about the team around you.


FB:      Mark is my principle trainer. I do all my work with him, and now and then Jimmy (Tibbs) gives us a few pointers.


Mark’s also a great conditioner. He knows when I’m working at my best and also when to rest me to ensure I don’t burn out. I have a lot of faith and trust in Mark and think he’s doing a great job with me.


PZ:      What aspects of your game is Mark Tibbs working on?


FB:      My defence is the main area he’s trying to fine tune. You don’t want to be taking shots in the pro game. You will undoubtedly get caught by a couple, but if you can avoid the majority, by ducking and slipping them, making sure you have good head movement, it prolongs your career.


Were also working on maintaining the power and strength, and also combinations and footwork.


PZ:      Who will you be sparring with for your up and coming fight on the 16th March?


FB:      At the moment I’ve been sparring with Tom Baker and Billy Joe Saunders, and have done a few rounds with a guy called Michael Evans who is 4-0. I’ve also been sparring with some light heavyweights and hopefully George Groves later this week. It’s been a great camp and overall I’ve learnt a hell of a lot again.


PZ:      You had your pro debut in 2011 and fought five times last year. Are we going to see Frank Buglioni win a title this year?


FB:      I’m not sure. If all goes to plan then yes. However, I’m not rushing it.


My learning comes in between the fights and I currently feel the learning is going well with Mark, and I’m getting better each time.  If everything goes well then I could perhaps be looking at a Southern Area Title shot by the end of the year. However, if Mark wants me to spend another year building my rounds up I would be happy with that also. I’m in this for the long haul, so I have no problems with being patient.


PZ:      Jimmy Tibbs – should he be in the Hall of Fame?


FB:      Without a doubt. He’s a fantastic trainer, and is great for the sport and has contributed so much. He’s a great character and was a good fighter himself. It would be a big shame if he wasn’t inducted into the hall of fame.


PZ:      Where did the nickname ‘Wise Guy’ come from?


FB:      That was from my manager. He took the Italian link and the fact that I had been to university, and came up with that. I think he’s actually just trying to take the p*ss out of me though!

PZ:      There’s another Anglo Italian super middleweight who recently retired with a record of 46-0. Are you looking to follow in his footsteps?


FB:      Without a doubt. To emulate someone with Joe Calzaghe’s success would be phenomenal. He obviously put the work in and had talent in abundance. If I can gain a fraction of what he achieved, I would be very happy.


PZ:      Tell the readers one thing about yourself that not many people know. 


FB:      I’m a better swimmer than I am a runner!


PZ:      And I bet your not a bad runner either!


PZ:      If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


FB:      Sugar Ray Leonard or Marvin Hagler would have been great, but they were middleweight. I think it would have to be Roy Jones Junior. To get the chance to move around the ring with him and experience his speed, movement and footwork would be great. He’s something special.


PZ:      Thank you for your time Frank.


FB:      Pleasure Paul. No problem at all.

Frank Buglioni will be fighting on the 16th March at Wembley. See below for details.

Follow Frank on Twitter @FrankBuglioni and visit his website at: http://frankbuglioni.co.uk/




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