DailySport catches up with lightweight boxer Billy Morgan ahead of his fight on the 21st March at the York Hall



PZ:      Last time we spoke you were unbeaten. Now – you are still unbeaten! 8-0 and only lost two rounds in all your fights. What type of Billy Morgan are we expecting to see on the 20th July at the Wembley Arena?


BM:     I’ve matured a lot physically in the last three or four months. Hopefully this fight everyone will see a stronger Billy Morgan. Mark (Tibbs) has been delighted with my sparring, I’m packing more power than ever before in my punches, and Jimmy (Tibbs) is also over the moon with my progress and training camp to date. I couldn’t ask for more.


PZ:      What do you put the increased strength down to, and do you think you could go up in weight divisions?


BM:     Definitely. I do see myself climbing the divisions over time. I think I will start to fight at light welterweight now instead of lightweight, or super featherweight which I signed professional at three years ago. Since then, I’ve been doing some weights in the gym with Mark (Tibbs), and also lifting heavy weights at work.


I’ve started to take my diet more seriously, taking on more protein and being careful with everything that I eat, ensuring I’m eating healthy. Your body adapts to what it eats and the level of training you put in. Consequently, the intensity of my training, combined with the improved diet and heavier weights has certainly seen recognisable effects in recent months. I’ve seen my body get more ripped and my muscles bulking out. I am not training to get this effect, I am training to be a better and healthier boxer and these are the by-products.


PZ:      There’s some big names fighting on the same bill, but none other than your fellow stable mates from Canning Town. How has the vibe been between you all leading up to this date?


BM:     It’s been really good. We’ve all been training together for the last three months for the original date of the 15th June. We were all initially a bit down with the rescheduling, but as a team we helped pick each other up and refocus for the 20th July via running and sparring.


Everyone is looking really sharp. Myself, Tom (Baker), Frank (Buglioni), Bill (Billy Joe Saunders) have all been pushing each other to the max and we can’t wait to show everybody that next week.


PZ:      Do you know who you are fighting on the 20th?


BM:     I’m still waiting. There’s been a few names mentioned but nothing concrete yet. A few people have been offered the fight but have turned it down. There’s a good name they’ve put out there for me to fight, but we can’t confirm yet?


PZ:      Is that Floyd May something??


BM:     Ha!! Floyd told me he doesn’t fancy it. He’s gone for an easier fight against Canelo Alvarez. I offered it to him 50/50, but he just didn’t fancy it!



PZ:      What has Mark Tibbs been working on since your last fight?


BM:     Mark says I’m a box-fighter, and has been referring to the way Gonzalez boxed against Ricky Burns recently as a template for myself. Getting in and out and not getting hit is the plan which Mark has had me following.


We’ve been working this game plan on the pads and sparring and it’s been successful. Mark has also had me planting my feet at the right time and not wasting any shots, and developing me to become a long distance fighter. Pacing myself for the full three minutes at a good work rate has also been something we have been focusing on.


PZ:      Who have you been sparring with in advance of the 20th July?


BM:     Joey Taylor, who’s also fighting on the 20th, Tommy Martin, who fights the week after, Eddie Hussein and Dan Naylor and tomorrow (11th July), I’m sparring with Carl Frampton.


PZ:      Nice and easy spar to finish off with then!


BM:     Ha! Just somebody for me to be a punch-bag for Paul ;-)


PZ:      The lightweight division is intensely competitive at present. How far away do you think you might be from a title fight ?


BM:     Hopefully by the end of the year possibly. I’m eager to be mixing at that level now. As Mark (Tibbs) keeps saying to me, ‘You are moving away from the prospects now’, and need to be fighting people who can develop you to that higher level.


PZ:      Billy Joe Saunders has two title fights in his next two bouts. How do you think he will do against both Gary O’Sullivan and John Ryder for the respective WBO Intercontinental and British middleweight titles?


BM:     The way Billy is looking I think he’ll wipe the floor with the pair of them. He’s been looking sensational. He’s got the world at his feet. There’s nobody out there to beat him other than himself. He’s been sparring with heavier boxers and bashing them around, and I just think he’s a different class to O’Sullivan and Ryder.


PZ:      Last time we spoke I mention about Prizefighter as an option.

Still fancy a bit of that ?


BM:     Definitely. I was there on Saturday and it’s a great format to watch. The fighters are up for it, the audience go crazy for it. It would be great to be involved, and obviously I wouldn’t say not to the 32 grand prize money either!


PZ:      Do you think David Price will only ever be able to compete at domestic level now, or does he need to regroup with Lennox Lewis and evaluate his style?


BM:     I’ve not seen the fight yet so I’m commenting blind. I heard that Lennox Lewis only had three weeks with him in advance of the bout, so it would certainly be good for David to spend more time with Lennox in advance of his next fight.


In that division, one punch can change a fight, and unfortunately David found this out in his last two fights.


He can still come back and be a world champion. Manny Pacquiao lost fights early in his career and looked what he achieved. What makes a fighter and a champion is the way they come back after a loss.


PZ:      Give us a prediction for the 20th July, even though you don’t know who you are fighting yet!


BM:     Billy Morgan wins without a shadow of a doubt.


PZ:      Big thanks for the interview Billy and best of luck for the 20th.


BM:     Cheers mate.


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