DailySport catches up with lightweight boxer Billy Morgan ahead of his fight on the 21st March at the York Hall


PZ:      Last time we spoke you were unbeaten. Now – you are still unbeaten! 7-0 and only lost one round in all your fights. What type of Billy Morgan are we expecting to see on the 21st March at the York Hall?


BM:     A new animal. Time unleash the new beast! On a serious note though, since the last fight I’ve been really active down the gym, sparring many rounds and doing a lot of coaching work with Jimmy and Mark (Tibbs).


I think I’ve made an improvement from everything to do with my strength, through to boxing ability. The shots have become cleaner, and I think I’m manning up and become a truly professional fighter and living the life 110%. I’ve put on a little weight, but it’s all lean trim muscle, and that’s the way it’s gonna be from here on.


I’ve still got four weeks to go until the fight and I’m ready now and raring to go.  Watch this space.


PZ:      You recently went to La Manga in Spain with Freddie ‘Luke’ Turner, Simon Vallily, Frank Buglioni and Billy Joe Saunders to train. How was that and tell us about the training schedule.


BM:     One word to describe the whole experience – ‘wicked’! Ever since I’ve come back my diet has been spot on, and I’ve cut out the fizzy drinks and am not taking days off on the diet. I feel like a million dollars right now.


For five days we lived 24/7 like professional fighters are supposed to live. We would get up about 6am and do our mountain runs, then go back to the room, take a shower, have breakfast and relax. After that it would be straight back into training. As there were no boxing facilities there, we trained about four times per day and the intention was to become as fit as we possibly could and get into peak condition.


It was a real eye opener, because when I’m back home I’m training and working and vice versa, there it was 100% training and the effects were instantly noticeable. The experience opened my eyes as to the level I need to reach to become a top level athlete. The mountain runs were immense. They take about an hour to climb and push your legs to the absolute limit. Since I’ve been back I’ve been running up tower blocks, but nothing compares to running in the mountains of Alicante.


The five of us gelled really well and pushed each other just that little bit harder.


PZ:      I’m guessing the five of you never got picked on when you were out?


BM:     Ha!! No – we were safe mate!


PZ:      Any stories to tell about the other guys? Who was the biggest joker of you all?


BM:     That’s a tough one! It would be between Billy Joe and Freddie. They are both a great laugh on their own, but put them together and it was even better!  The first mountain we got to was pretty much vertical and Freddie said ‘I’m climbing that’. We all thought he was joking around, but the next thing he was there like Spiderman climbing the face and he was gone. We started to worry thinking he may have hurt himself as we didn’t see him for about an hour, but the next thing we see this little white t-shirt at the top of the mountain and it was him!


PZ:      What has Mark Tibbs been working on since your last fight?


BM:     We’ve been working on planting the feet more and getting the shots off with greater accuracy and longer range. Mark’s also got me slowing down to move more as a professional and to lose some of the old amateur traits. Just as late we have been working on defensive techniques, bobbing and weaving Floyd Mayweather style! Trying not to get hit and letting my shots go.


PZ:      Who have you been sparring with in advance of the 21st March?


BM:     Gary Corcoran, Danny Connor, Eddie Hussein and a few others.


PZ:      When we last spoke in July last year you said you would love to be going for a title by the end of 2013. Is that still the case?


BM:     Definitely – 100%. I’m now fighting six and eight rounders now and have been sparring around six rounds each time, so why not. I really hope that I will be ready by the end of the year or early 2014.


PZ:      Kevin Mitchell is a big idol and friend of yours. We were all shocked by the way he lost against Burns. Do you think he can regroup and still become a world champ?


BM:     Absolutely. He got into great shape for the Burns fight and if he can follow that same routine and push himself to the max again of course he can do it. He got beaten by the better man on the night, but he certainly has the ability to get a world title.


PZ:      Do you fancy a bit of Prizefighter action if it’s available?


BM:     Yeah. I think that format suits me at the moment as I’m fighting shorter round bouts at present. If I start to fight ten and twelve round fights then perhaps not, as you get into that mindset of fighting longer distances and you regulate yourself to slow down. Prizefighter is about rapid fire, good footwork and speed to win. At present that would suit me, so if the opportunity arises sooner rather than later, than definitely.


PZ:      Can David Price still come back and become world champ?


BM:     Definitely. In the amateurs he got tagged a few times and in the pros his chin hadn’t been tested because he’s blown everyone away, so he needs to use this as a wakeup call to realise he can’t blow everyone away because fighters will fire back at you.


I’m sure he will come back stronger, work on his defence and certainly become a future world champion. A true champion will always show how they come back from defeat and I think he will do the business.


PZ:      Do you know who your opponent is for the 21st?


BM:     Gavin Reid from Redcar. He’s strong and has good stamina. I’m sparring six rounds now and am four weeks away, so I feel confident.


PZ:      Give us a prediction for the 21st….


BM:     I’m hoping that my first KO will come on that night, but will be happy with a points victory also. We want people to stand up and take notice.


PZ:      As always the gentleman. Big thanks Billy and best of luck for the 21st March at the York Hall


BM:     Pleasure Paul.


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