DailySport interviews Britain’s worst boxer Robin Deakin after his violent street attack




PZ:      Tell me more about exactly what happened the night of your recent attack.


RD:     I was out with a mate of mine who was having a few domestic issues he wanted to chat about. He’s an amateur boxer and I’m professional and we both had fights coming up, so we decided to catch up over a few soda waters.


We were in this late bar, when this one guy kept looking over at us and we could just sense something was not right. I was sat down charging my phone when I suddenly realised this guy had confronted my mate.


My mate had his hands up in front of him saying, ‘I don’t want any trouble’. I stood up and the next thing a group came over and charged at us. I had a fight lined up on the 27th June against a guy called Santino Caruana and was very aware that I didn’t want to suffer any form of injury, so I kept my hands up and just defended my face. In the meantime, my mate was being bottled in his face and as I tried to get over to him, I’ve slipped and I’m then stabbed with a bottle at the back of my neck and also picked up a cut on my arm.


I could feel the blood coming down my back within seconds and knew I was injured. Just didn’t know how badly at that point.


The police and ambulance soon arrived, but I don’t remember a great deal as I was losing a lot of blood and was starting to go into shock.


Me and my mate were taken off to hospital straight away. I had 12 stitches whereas he needed over 20. One of the nurses said the injury wasn’t far from nicking a major vein or artery. I know I’m very lucky.


PZ:      Have your attackers been found/arrested?


RD:     I haven’t heard anything from the police, which I’m surprised by. It’s a serious assault.  I feel like I’m the one chasing the police, because they just don’t seem interested when I call them.


PZ:      What’s the doctors advice re: resting up and training again?


RD:     They’ve told me to take a couple of months out, but I need to get back into training in the next week or so. I’m hungry for this next fight and really want that win.

It will take a lot more than this to stop me training.


PZ:      You’re now scheduled to fight on the 29th August against Petr Gyna. When will you start your training camp?


RD:     Petr has had 34 fights. Lost 28, won 5 and drawn one. So, we’re well match on paper. I know I can take a shot. I’ve only been stopped 12 times in 52, whereas he’s been stopped 22 times in 34 fights. If I land a straight shot, he’s going down.


PZ:      Tell us a bit more around the team around you.


RD:     My training camp starts next week. I’m looking at training with Michael Jennings. He’s a great coach and always provides me with good sparring. He’ll bring out the best in me and will make sure I’m the best I can be for this fight.


PZ:      How do you feel being branded as Britain’s worst boxer?


RD:     I’m comfortable with that. The media has branded me with this title, so instead of fight it, I’ve used it to generate more publicity. And the thing is – it’s worked! Who’s laughing now eh?


PZ:      You’re heavily involved with the media. Rumour has you might be interested in getting into the Big Brother house?


RD:     I’d love to! I’m not a celebrity, but I’m a known person and have loads of character and personality to bring into that house. I’d certainly bring some noise with me!


PZ:      Good luck with the 29th August and thanks for the interview.


RD:     Thanks Paul. I really appreciate your time mate. I’d like to say a big thanks to Fight For Life Fitness Zone, GymAddict and Ringsmart.co.uk














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