DailySport interviews pro boxer Tony Milch


PZ:      At what age did you get into boxing?


TM:      When I was 14.


PZ:      Any other people in your family who have boxed?


TM:      No.


PZ:      Tell me about your amateur career.


TM:      Had my first amateur bout at 15, in 1997. I then fought for nine years until I was 24 and gave up for six years and then turned pro soon after at 31 years old. Quite old really, but with my amateur background, I felt confident.


PZ:      Toughest pro fight so far?


TM:      I would say against Zoltan Turai, as I was fighting someone with a positive record who came out to knock my head off. He’d had eight fights, only lost a couple, and knocked out most of the opponents he beat. It was a testing fight.


PZ:      Congratulations on your win on Saturday (7th March) at the Camden Centre. A faultless performance. When do you look to fight next?


TM:      Now I’ve fought up to six rounds, I’d like to progress to 8’s, 10’s and 12’s. I’m training part time and working part time, so the intention would be to step up and dedicate myself to a higher level of boxing. I don’t want 20 fight with 20 wins, all at 4×3 minute contests.


I would like progression now. Ideally I’d like to be in the ring around June time.


PZ:      Tell me a bit more about the team around.


TM:      I live in North London, but I’m travelling down to Morden to train with Ian Burbedge.


I have such a good relationship with Ian that it’s 100% worth making the hour and a half train journey each way to get there. Apart from Ian’s excellent expertise, the likes of Lenny Daws is also part of the stable, and to have someone who’s won so many titles coming to support me at my fights, is a massive boost.


Sean Ryder deals with sports performance and also does an excellent job with my mental health.


Collectively, they are a great team who believe in me.


PZ:      Your best assets as a boxer?


TM:      My footwork, measuring distance and my fast jab.


PZ:      Where would you like to be in 12 months time in terms of rankings and titles?


TM:      I’d like to be fighting at Area title level within the next 12 months. My last win moved me into the top 30, or there abouts, so I’d like to move into the top 20. Let’s see how things progress.


PZ:      No boxing nicknames?


TM:      No. Dabbled with a few. Two Guns was a nickname growing up, but people have also suggested ‘The Milchman!’.


PZ:      Perhaps ‘Milch and two sugar…..Rays!’


TM:      Ha!!…and maybe not!


PZ:      Floyd vs Pac is finally on. Who wins and how?


TM:      I want Manny to win, but my head says Floyd. I hope Manny proves me wrong.


PZ:      Tell the readers one thing about yourself which not many people know.


TM:      I sleep with an eye mask on.


PZ:      If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


TM:      Jake Lamotta. If it was current day, I’d love to spar Brandon Rios.


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