DailySport interviews super lightweight pro boxer Tony Owen


PZ:      At what age did you get into boxing?


TO:      When I was 16. I originally started with kickboxing and did quite well with that, and basically fancied a change. So, I went down the local amateur gym with my brother.


PZ:      Any other people in your family who have boxed?


TO:      Apart from my brother, no. My dad originally took me and my brother kickboxing because we were quite boisterous as kids, so it was a discipline thing really. The rest progressed from there.


PZ:      Tell me about your amateur career.


TO:      I only had 10 fights, of which I lost none. Although I didn’t have a large number of fights, I still won the novice ABA’s.


The club I was fighting for shut down, and when that happened, I stopped boxing for a couple of years.


Then my old amateur coach told me to try another gym, which I did. I was about 22 by then. After sparring with one of the lads, they said about turning pro – and that was that. It was never planned, but there you go!


PZ:      Toughest pro fight so far?


TO:      I’d say the fight with Danny (Cassius) Connor for the Southern Area title. Mentally and physically it was tough.


I was just coming off a loss, and to go in there fighting for a title over 10 tough rounds, with nonstop action was hard going. The build up was also quite draining.


PZ:      You’ve been out of the ring since December 2013. How come?


TO:      After the loss to Rick (Ricky Boylan), I was a bit down, then I had quite a bit going on in my personal life, such as buying a house and getting married. At the time, I thought, rather than trying to re-build, I just decided to take some time out and accept that maybe I wasn’t going to fight again.


As time ticked on, I still had a big interest in boxing and followed the fights and then had a chat with Adam (Martin), and decided it was time to have another go.


PZ:      Do you have a fight date lined up?


TO:      We are looking at the 18th April at the Camden Centre, on a Mickey Helliet show.


PZ:      Tell me a bit more about the team around.


TO:      Adam Martin trains me, Mickey Helliet manages and promotes me, Daniel Iaciofano is my strength and conditioner and Surrey Steels are my major sponsor, who I owe a massive thanks to.


Adam’s a great trainer. From the moment we started, we clicked and he’s adding more to my game all the time. Daniel has also improved my fitness and punch power. The team overall is fantastic.


PZ:      Your best assets as a boxer?


TO:      My boxing brain. I’m a rangy boxer, who has good fitness.


PZ:      Where would you like to be in 12 months time in terms of rankings and titles?


TO:      I’d like to be back in the mix again for an area title and certainly would intend to aim past that if possible.


After a couple of fights to rebuild, and working on the stuff with Adam in the gym, I think I’ll be well positioned to do that.


PZ:      No boxing nicknames?


TO:      No!


PZ:      I need to have a word with Adam and Mickey then. I’m sure we could come up with something…..


TO:      No you won’t mate! Especially not Mickey!


PZ:      Floyd vs Pac is finally on. Who wins and how?


TO:      I’m going for Manny. I genuinely believe Mayweather hasn’t been as impressive in his last few fights and I think he can win on points, getting in and out with his overwhelming workrate.


PZ:      Tell the readers one thing about yourself which not many people know.


TO:      I won three world titles in kickboxing.


PZ:      If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


TO:      Sugar Ray Leonard.


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