Spurs Trophy Hunt: It’s Now or Never


Cast your mind back to the 24th February 2008.

The date is significant in the history of Tottenham Hotspur football club as the last time the Lilywhites won a trophy.

Wembley was the venue, the League Cup the competition and Chelsea the opponents and surprisingly, Jonathon Woodgate netted the winner in the fourth minute of extra time for Spurs.

Chelsea’s Didier Drogba had put the blues 1-0 up in the 39th minute but Tottenham came out with renewed vigour in the second half and a Dimitar Berbatov penalty in the 70th minute ensured the match saw an extra half hour of action.  

Fast forward ten years, and few Spurs fans at Wembley would have thought it would be at least another 11 years before they had a chance of seeing their beloved club win a piece of coveted silverware.

Especially for a side who have not finished outside the Premier League’s top six for the last nine seasons.

Time is ticking, and someone must something.

Step forward Mauricio Pochettino.

The Argentine has undoubtedly taken Tottenham to the next level ensure the club as Champions League regulars but that can only get you so far (just ask Arsene Wenger).

Pochettino often speaks about the ‘project’ and it may be true something special is occurring at Tottenham (the new stadium will only go to aid that), but for how long in the project does it say trophies are not important?

Of course, no team is guaranteed to win anything, and the competition makes it hard to do so, but it appears that winning silverware has fallen behind a top four spot in the Premier League in recent seasons

Tottenham’s ambition must be to do both regularly as Europe’s top sides do every season and there is little doubt that the club have the capabilities to do it.

Pochettino made it quite clear that no signings were no problem as he and Daniel levy believed there was no one they could realistically bring in to improve the team.

That was something of a bold move and risky whichever way you look at it.

On the face of it, the lack of signings is proof that Spurs have given up on contesting the premier League title.

After all, how can you finish 23-points behind the champions in a league then not improve your squad but yet still expect to claw back that kind of deficit?

But this is not bad news for Spurs fans because it shows that the precedence this season is to win a viable trophy, and by that, we mean the FA Cup or Champions League (at worst the League Cup).

Tottenham’s squad are still packed to the rafters with talent making them more than capable of landing a top four spot so the emphasis is firmly on knockout football.

For the first time in a decade, Spurs fans could be set to celebrate trophy glory as the Lilywhites ambition has turned to ensure they become winners sooner rather than later.

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