Contender Promotions set for 2015


2015 kicks off in emphatic fashion as Contender Promotions head across to Dublin Ireland on January 17th to Hunt out new fightstars. Garry Bell is working alongside Dublin Thai Boxing and Michael Paszowski to bring you the 2nd instalment of the Fightstar Hunt. Bell and his team say they have high hopes for Ireland a country that breeds natural born Fighters.

The steam train of 2015 has many stops for Contender Promotions and the beginning of the year seems to be jam packed with action as they head over to Tennessee to provide fight fans February entertainment.

The American Dream becomes a reality for 4 new fight stars, but this time Contender Promotions offers the winner the chance of a life time. They will pit their skills against the other 3 tournament winners in a tournament of champions in the grand finale in the UK November 2015.
Contender Promotions and their USA ambassador Caseyy Oxendine are working side by side with valor fights promotion to bring this extra special tournament to the fans.
Who has the heart to make their way across the pond to battle their way to being crowned Contender Promotions World 4 man 70kg max Grand Prix champion 2015.

The competitors are

DJ Miller vs Joey Mullin

Nick baker vs Damir Ferhatbegovic

Wow, this is going to be electric….

But wait, as if it couldn’t get any better Contender Promotions have sealed an exclusive deal with Fightwear Giants JOYA….

JOYA is world renowned for their unrivalled equipment and training attire. Their first affiliation with Contender Promotions will be none other than the USA Grand Prix.

Keep an eye out for the fighters showcasing JOYA across the pond by way of Contender Promotions and Valor Fights.

February 21st, a date for everyone’s diary.


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