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Muay Thai Grand Prix set to rock the o2 this sunday

Posted on by MMA Editor

The UK’s most exciting Muay Thai event is set to rock the indigo at the 02 this sunday, MTGP 2 Hosts a 66kg 4 man tournament which will certainly have the whole venue on their feet.

MUAY THAI GRAND PRIX 2 – Sunday 22nd November 2015


*MTGP 4 Man Tournament – 66KG*

Khun Bank (Tha)
Charlie Peters (UK)
Alex Bublea (Rom)
Ben Lucas (UK)

–Main Event–

*MTGP World Super Featherweight Championship*
Jose Varela (Por) V Hamlaoui Yacine (Fra)

–Co-Main Event–

*MTGP World Featherweight Championship*
Matt Tieu (UK) V Thibaud Duphil (Fra)

*Super K-1 – 60KG*
Jamie Whelan (UK) V Ioannis Papaioannou (Gre)

*Super K-1 – 77KG*
Kev Ward (UK) V Reece Rowell (UK)

*FTR A-Class – 54KG*
Daniel McGowan (UK) V Madiale Samb (Fra)

*FTR A-Class – 48KG*
Evans Jay (UK) V Alexjandro Concepcion (Spa)

*B-Class English Title – 63KG*
Rory Crawford (UK) V Luke Portanier (UK)

*B-Class – 78KG*
Ryan Li (UK) V Mark Robinson (UK)

*B-Class – 70KG*
Michael Pham (UK) V Krystian Ozog (Pol)

*Super K-1 – 75KG*
James Gridley (UK) V Robert Verekyn (Ned)

*Super K-1 – 86KG*
Louis King (UK) V Jack Deacon (UK)

*B-Class – 72KG*
Sevket Karaoglanoglu  (UK) V Marcel Dehinde (UK)

*B-Class – 67KG*
Saj Imran (UK) V Enrithan Shofolan (UK)

*FTR A-Class – 64KG*
James Toomey (UK) V Ben Woods (UK)

*K-1 – 77KG*
Marley Zwanenberg (UK) v Ahmed Ben Cheik (Fra)

*K-1 – 85KG*
Elson Evora (UK) V David Zvetolosfsky (UK)

*C-Class – 68KG*
Shaz Nasrin (UK) V Collin Chu (UK)

*C-Class – 75KG*
Yusuf Ali-Thaleb (UK) V Donovan Pignatiello (UK)

*K-1 – 83KG*
Phil Casper (UK) V Mitchell Weidman (UK)

*K-1 – 88KG*
Daryl Mauri (UK) V Eric Lie (UK)

*C-Class – 50KG*
Zuzana Borosova (UK) V Maggie Hajduk (UK)

Full Card is subject to change.


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