Michailidis and Crawford go head to head for 145lbs title at WFS2


With MMA fans in the UK just about recovered from the awesome announcement in the previous edition of Daily Sport MMA that Mike Neun will be taking on Lukasz Parobiec for their heavyweight title, Warrior Fight Series has more.

It has been revealed that the promotion will also be putting the featherweight crown up for grabs on their second show to date, with two very deserving contenders battling it out for the gold. Theo “300” Michailidis and Daniel Crawford will step into the cage come February 21st, both looking to take home the strap and become a WFS standout.

We caught up with both guys to get their thoughts on the fight.


Tale of the tape:

Theo Michailidis NAME Daniel Crawford


5’8” HEIGHT 5’9”

Featherweight WEIGHT Featherweight

6-3 RECORD 4-0

                Team Titan GYM New Wave Academy


You will be fighting on February 21st on Warrior Fight Series, how is training going up until now and what’s it like training at your respective camps?


Theo Michailidis: The training is rolling smooth. I’m training at Team Titan gym with the best guys who push me hard.


Daniel Crawford: The guys down at New Wave are a bunch of great guys, good friends, great coaches and some up and coming fighters to look out for including myself.


Do you know much about your opponent and how do you think you will match up?


TM: I’m fighting Daniel Crawford, an undefeated fighter for the title, that’s all I know.


DC: I’ve seen him fight, he is a warrior he goes balls to the wall. but unfortunately he will be running into a brick wall come the night of the 21st


If you had to give a message to your opponent, what would it be?


TM: On the 21st of February I’ll fight like a Greek Phoenix because I want to make that belt my jewel.


DC: I hope you have a great training camp, hope you are at your best and bring that warrior sprit to the cage that you’re known for.


Warrior Fight Series is an up and coming show with this being their second event. What is your opinion of the show and how excited are you to showcase your skills on their platform?


TM: I’m happy taking this fight because it’s time for people to see how sharp my skills are.


DC: I know Harry and he isn’t trying to make a quick buck with 2 or 3 shows, he is looking to make long-term goals with his show and I’m glad to be a part of it and represent his show by being the featherweight champion.


The fight itself is only a few weeks after the festive season, has it been hard to watch your weight or have you been able to indulge in lots of food?


TM: I’m blessed that I’m surrounded by good people who give me the motivation and the good energy to keep on track.


DC: It hasn’t been hard to watch my weight I’m always training and always stay fit.


If you win this fight, where do you see yourself next in the short and long term?


TM: My goal is to fight the best at any time.


DC: When I win this fight I will be WFS featherweight champion. As for the future I take it as it comes, I’ll just keep training and keep getting better. I’m only 21 and I struggle to realize that sometimes, so there is no real need to rush things too much, but fighting at the top level is inevitable.


Are there any people you would like to thank?


TM: I dedicate this fight to my coach Mickey The General Pappas and my Team Titans.


DC: Would like to say thanks to everyone who helps out, friends, family and the guys at the gym.


Warrior Fight Series 2 takes place on February 21st at White Oaks Centre in Swanley, Kent.


Visit www.WarriorFightSeries.com for more information and tickets.

Event is sponsored by Daily Sport. Lonsdale, Kings Of the Ring Apparel, Go-Fix Mechanical and Drainage Service, Wildcat Energy Drink, MMA Uncaged,  JY Nutrition 


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