Mina ‘Lights-Out’ Lamoure hold a record of 2-0 and fights out of KO Lynch. After recently picking up her second professional victory at MTGP, she is stepping straight back in and testing her skills once again. This will be her first K-1 rules bout as she takes on Yasmin Nazary at WFS 4 at York Hall on August 1st. We caught up with the Londoner ahead of the bout to get her thoughts on the match up.


How is training going for your fight on WFS 4?

Training is great, 2 weeks to go and feeling strong, strength work done, now more emphasis on cardio.

You are taking on Yasmin Nazary what do you know about her?

I know she is ranked no. 9 in the UK for K1 and her record is 1-3-0. I am looking forward to fighting a ranked fighter.

Are you focussing on anything in particular for this bout?

It’s my first K1 bout so i’m excited about that, so my style will be different, focussing a little more on my boxing which is my favourite aspect of training.

What did you learn in your last fight?

I fought a fighter with more experience who was very aggressive and I came away with a win through my ability to adapt, however there is always room for improvement and I am my own worst critic and will be looking to sharpen up.

This show is at the York Hall in London, does that add any pressure knowing the calibre of fighter that has fought there in the past?

York Hall is a great venue where some of boxing’s greats have fought, I am very happy that I am fighting and feel very comfortable with it.

WFS is a relatively new promotion only three shows deep, what do you know about them, and what do you think of what they’ve done so far?

Fantastic show with a fantastic line up, I’m excited to be on the show and very grateful for the opportunity.

If you win your fight on August 1st, what is the next step in the short and long term future?

The next step for me is to have more great matches and looking to be ranked.

Do you have any final words for your opponent?

No, there is nothing to say only a fight to be had, let’s make it a good one, test each other’s skills and give the audience what they came to see.

Are there any people you’d like to thank?

Warrior Fight Series for this match up, my coach Robert Lynch, my team mates and my friends and family for all the support.



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