Ronaldo speaks for first time since joining Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken for the first time since his move to Juventus from Real Madrid at a press conference in Turin. 
Ronaldo moved to the Serie A champions last week for €100m (£88.3m). 
Speaking on Monday evening Ronaldo said “It is one of the best clubs in the world. It was a well thought through decision. 
My friends told me it was a club I could play in. I could make an easy decision because of the power and size of the club. It is the best club in Italy. It has an outstanding manager and coaches so it was not a difficult decision to take.”
When asked about leaving Real Madrid the five time Champions League winner said “I’m not sad actually. I am here because it is a new challenge for my career. 

“It is a big club. Usually players of my age go to Qatar and China, with all due respect. To come to this club at this stage of my career I am very happy so I am very grateful to the club for this opportunity. 

“I will work with my country and I will not turn my back on them. This is just one new step in my career.”

The Portuguese superstar said when he asked about playing in Serie A responded by saying. 

“I know it’s a difficult and tactical championship. I like to have new experiences. I know it will be difficult but I’ve always had difficult challenges. I don’t like to sit down and look at my successes, I want to work hard for new successes. 

“I believe in my football. I’m sure everything will be very successful. I will work hard and do my best. That’s why I’m calm and sure of myself.”

He was also asked about winning the Ballond’Or as he is expected to be nominated again for Decembers award

“I want to win. I want to be the best. Who knows, maybe I will be awarded the Ballon d’Or again but things will happen naturally. It was difficult to win it in Manchester and Real Madrid, but maybe here? We will see.”

Ronaldo hopes he can take Juventus to a higher level by saying 

“Juventus gave me a wonderful opportunity. I’m so grateful. They gave value to my football style so it’s a step forward as I see it. Juventus can have many successes. They have won domestic cups and titles and reached Champions League finals. I’m so proud they were interested in me. I hope I can give them the best responses on the field. I hope I can take Juventus to an even higher level.”

He was also asked about a potential return to boyhood club Sporting Lisbon to finish his career his response “Sporting Lisbon is always in my heart, it has always been. But I can not answer your question. Of course I want to gave new success with Juventus right now. I am not on holiday and hope to mark new success with Juventus. I am very confident that everything will be alright.”

The new number 7 at the Juventus Stadium is already looking for more trophies as he said “I feel great. For me it is another challenge. It will be tough, I know that. The league is tough. But I will be ready, Juventus is ready. I will be there. I feel good, I feel motivated. It is exciting and I will try to do my best. I look forward to starting the league and winning many titles.”

Ronaldo also met his Juventus teammates for the first time and completed his medical on Monday afternoon.


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