UCMMA 37 event report and results



A spectacular night of professional fighting at London’s Troxy on the weekend as UCMMA host their 37th event, non stop explosive action saw 12 epic fights that kept the crowed on their feet the whole night. 

Chris Harman vs Ben Smith

In the main event, Ben Smith used his strong grappling to quickly dispose of Chris Harman. The Welsh fighter swung a punch as Smith closed the distance, but that would prove to be his only offence as the London Shootfighter took control and planted himself in side mount.


Harman bucked and rolled, but Smith floated on top of the explosive escape attempts and quickly transitioned to an arm triangle choke. Harman had nowhere to go and was forced to submit just after the one minute mark.



Bill Beaumont vs Makunga Bunduku

In an ill-tempered battle, Bill Beaumont out-worked Makunga Bunduku across three rounds to earn a significant unanimous decision win. Bunduku repeatedly pressed his opponent against the cage and looked for the takedown, but Beaumont handled the pressure well, taking mount position at the end of the first round.


In inadvertent knee to the groin earned Beaumont a point deduction in the second round, but he was able to fend off Bunduku’s attacks and counter with sharp punches, takedowns and top control to claim the decision victory.


Ben Craggy vs Nathan Jones

Up-and-coming fighter, Nathan ‘Mr Bag ‘n Tag’ Jones scored the most impressive win of his career so far as he swiftly dominated mainstay fighter, Ben Craggy. Jones rushed out of the blocks with a hard right hand and immediately took the fight to floor, immediately seizing rear mount.


The route one method worked. Jones banged in a series of right hands and swooped for the rear naked choke in only 38 seconds.

Alexander Bilobrovka vs Luiz Tosta

Luiz Tosta demonstrated his mastery of Brazilian jiu-jitsu by tying up and submitting Bristolian fighter, Alexander Bilobrovka. Tosta clearly wanted the fight on the floor and searched for the takedown from the opening seconds. Once grounded, the London Shootfighter smoothly progressed to mount position where he softened his foe with punches before locking up a mounted triangle at 1.52 of the first round.


Vinny Baldwin vs Gio Marchese – UK-1

Gio Marchese made it look like an exhibition match as he took apart overmatched youngster, Vinny Baldwin under UK-1 rules. Marchese combined front kicks, side kicks and well timed punching combinations to score three knock downs in the first round.


Baldwin replied with a series of ill conceived spinning kicks, but they proved little more than a stalling tactic, before Marchese moved in with head kicks to score two more knock downs and claim the TKO win.


Muhammed Aldamov vs Maksym Matus

In a battle between two national champion wrestlers, Muhammed Aldamov took the fight to Makym Matus with an early head kick and guillotine attempt. However, Matus was able to escape and dominate the rest of the round from top position.


In the second, Matus took the fight to the floor again, but following a referee stand up, Aldamov threw another right high kick. This time he caught Matus on the jaw, rocking him badly. Aldamov leapt in with a tight guillotine which put his foe to sleep midway through the second round.



Igor Gunar vs Marian Rusu

Igor Gunar had a bright start as he danced into range and landed a pair of left body kicks; however, Marian Rusu responded by taking the fight to the ground and battering his way to the first round win.


Theo Machailidis vs Marcio Santos

Brazilian live wire, Marcio Santos showed some incredible skill and athleticism as he fired off a series of capoeira kicks and orthodox high kicks at Theo Machailidis. The KO gym fighter kept his distance and countered with strong low kicks and left hooks to the body.


Santos scored a pair of crucial takedowns and constantly flung out dangerous high kicks, but Machailidis bulled his way back into the fight in the third round and battered his wilting foe around the cage.


Despite this vicious third round campaign, two of the three judges saw it 29-28 to Santos, handing the Brazilian a majority decision win.


Peter Adamski vs Miroslav Stoykov

Polish fighter, Peter Adamski landed a grazing punch which cut Miroslav Stoykov almost immediately. Stoykov responded by scrambling his way to a takedown and controlling the fight with a sustained kimura and an audacious leg scissors choke attempt.


Adamski resisted admirably and forced his way back to standing, but he was met by a tight guillotine choke. Stoykov drove his opponent into the cage post to force the submission after four minutes.

Arunas Klimavic vs Tolly Plested

Talented ground fighter, Tolly Plested had no trouble with journeyman, Arunas Klimavic. The South Coast fighter glided to mount position and consistently peppered his foe with punches as he fished for an armbar, prompting the referee to step in and save Klimavic from further punishment.




Matt Robinson vs Marvin Vettori

Matt Robinson appeared to catch Marvin Vetorri by surprise with a trio of right kicks, two to the inside leg and one to the body. However, it did not slow the London Shootfighter down one bit as he took the fight to the floor, punched his way to rear mount and finished with a rear naked choke after three-and-a-half minutes.


Vitor Silva vs Alfie Davis

In a semi-pro match-up, Alfie Davis threw a pair of vicious left high kicks at his opponent, Vitor Silva. The first slammed into Silva’s forearm; the second landed flush on the temple, turning out the Brazilian’s lights.


UCMMA 37 image are in the gallery at www.facebook.com/YourMMA.

Thanks to Jimmy Page at YourMMA for the images and the write up.




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