What week a in boxing

It’s been a hectic time for me and the Coldwell Boxing team lately.
A lot of time and effort goes into putting our shows together and as we are a tight team with small numbers when we have a successful show it means so much more to us.
Last friday was one of the great nights for us as Curtis Woodhouse put to bed any any doubts that he’s a real fighter by becoming the English Light-welterweight Champion as he beat Dave Ryan in a battle that swung back and forth for the ten rounds before the judges gave their verdict that took Rotherham’s Magna Centre into a frenzy. Curtis has been with me since shortly after his debut, and its been a long road full of ups and downs as we’ve battled to get him to be taken seriously by the boxing fans and media alike. But slowly but surely the fans came on side, the press started to give him credit and respected his fighting abilities as well as his fighting heart. People first really took notice of him as a ‘proper fighter’ when he beat the talented and experienced Stefy Bull a couple of years back, then the performance against world class amateur and big domestic prospect Frankie Gavin really made them stand up and give Curtis his dues. But it was of course the titanic battle with Dale Miles that ultimately ended in a fifth round defeat that basically won everybody over and turned most boxing fans into Curtis Woodhouse fans. You can’t do anything other than respect this man who gave up a football career and took up boxing because he was a fan, a man who fights to gain the respect of his fellow boxing fans.  Coming off a big loss like that, he could have easily taken a soft comeback fight, but thats not what he’s about. He wanted to get back in the mix as quick as he can, while he’s got the fans on his side he wants to give them what they want to see. A proper fight. That’s why we went straight into a tough, evenly matched title fight.
I’m so pleased we did. If he never achieves anything again, he can hold his head up high, look all the people that joked about him previously in the eye and smile. He’s a real fighter, a proper boxer. The novelty factor is gone for good.
Well done mate, now lets go get that British Title!!
Tonight I’m off to Liverpool for what is the best Prizefighter line up there has been so far. I can’t wait! People have been tweeting me all week asking who I think will win. I haven’t given one name as a winner so people think i’m sitting on the fence.  It’s not that I’m sitting on the fence it’s more that I simply haven’t got a clue!! I can’t pick one man as I can make cases for several to win this. The boxing fans have snapped up every single ticket for this. It takes a lot for every single ticket to be taken up at a show, but this has flown and tickets have even been on bay at quite a bit more than face value!  Whoever wins will have earned it no doubt. I wish all the lads the very best, but Derry Mathews and Anthony Crolla are good friends of mine and so I wish them just that little bit more luck as I’m hoping one of those two takes the Prizefighter title.
Next Friday Coldwell Boxing arrive in Manchester for our Made In Manchester show which has a bumper eleven fights on, not bad value for money, especially when you see the likes of former European Champion and World Title challenger Matthew Hatton v Michael Lomax, Matty Clarkson v Courtney Fry, Nasser Al Harbi v Mark Lloyd along with Kieran Farrell, Reece Roberts and Hosea Burton among the cast. We have some great prospects on the show and tickets have been flying out so the atmosphere is going to be brilliant at Bowlers.  I’ve seen shows on television that haven’t got the names or the match ups that this show has and to be honest, it’s getting a regular thing at Coldwell Boxing, we don’t have major champions at the moment so as headliners go we’re not suitable for live TV at the moment. Sky TV are doing a feature on the show so we’re really happy that the fighters on the show will get some great exposure, and of course so will we!
My good friend and former boxer Ryan Rhodes is having a testimonial dinner on December 1st at Sheffield’s Cutlers Hall. All of the tickets were basically sold out within a couple of days of going on sale! I’m over the moon for him as he’s a genuinely nice fella, always has been a pleasure to work with and be around. The night promises to be a great night for a boxing fan with the likes of Prince Naseem, Ricky Hatton, Johnny Nelson and Herol Graham being on the top table. If you’re there, i’m sure you’re going to love it. And yes, I do miss training Mr. Rhodes, but don’t tell him, wouldn’t want him to get big headed!!
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