Midweek 5 Minutes with Bonita-Rose

Today we chat to BUSTY babe Bonita Rose and here is what she had to share with us all here at Sport HQ and our lovely readers.

Q1. What name would you like us to refer to you as? Bonita-Rose 

Q2. Where are you from? A Midlands girl through and through a place called Worcester! But I live in Devon now

Q3. Age? 30 years old 

Q4. Do you have any tattoos, and if so how many hours have you put into them? I have 6 tattoos had most of them done when I was younger. I’m getting them all removed apart from the dolphin on my back.

Q5. Any piercings? I have 2 my belly button and ears pierced 

 Q6. How did you get your self  started in the industry? I have a lot of friends in this industry so I sort of took note in what they were doing and model agency’s contacted me through insta and I signed up for a few and went from there.

Q7. How long have you been in the business? I’m very new to the industry about a year & a half in 

Q8. What are some of your previous projects? I’ve obviously been featured online at the daily sport for babe of the week a number of times, I also had a feature in an the American magazine pulse. 

Q9. Do you have any upcoming projects? There are a few shoots coming up with my model agency ITP babes which I will attend. Also I have got through to UK glam calendar girls casting, Also have a shoot in London in may.

Q10. What type of music do you listen to and who is your favourite band or artist? 

I like a mixture of music, I love princess Diamz she’s amazing !! Another is Asya a new upcoming artist, Shenseea, I love R&B, Hiphop, Reggae 

Q11. Do you have any hobbies? I love singing even though I can’t sing 

Q12. Are you into video games? No but I don’t mind a cheeky game of FIFA or Call of duty if someone is playing it!

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Q13. Favourite sports and who is your favourite team or sports person? Favourite sports is the racing & Football I will watch when it’s on! Don’t really have a favourite sports person 

Q14. Favourite type of movie and favourite all-time movie? I love a thriller a jumpy one! Favourite film is greatest showman.

Q15. Favourite type of food and favourite meal? I love Caribbean  food that’s my favourite but do love a good roast.

Q16. Favourite alcoholic drink? Porn star martini love a cocktail or a gin 

Q17. Your No.1 inspiration in life? My Nan is my inspiration , celeb wise would be Chloe ferry 

Q18. Measurements? 5ft 4, size 12 , 38DD bust, weight 11.9lb 

Q19. Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex? Out side in my old garden in a thunder storm & in my old garden shed oh yeah and on a field 

Q20. Do you prefer to make love or f**k? Both, do like to be f**ked though every now and then depends on the mood.

Q21. Favourite sexual position? Doggy all day long, but missionary as well if done right.

Q22. An interesting or unusual fact about you? I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger! I also went to an all girls private school for my some of my teenage years 

Q23. What are your social media accounts?

Instagram @official_bonitarose 

Ticktock @Bonita_babe123  

Twitter @Bonita_babe123 

Also find me on OnlyFans & AW 

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