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It’s always wonderful seeing the appreciation posts on social media going up every Mother’s Day. From loving our parents unconditionally as children, we become somewhat embarrassed of hanging out with adults as teenagers, but then realise how magnificently precious they are as we hit adulthood.

Having two children myself I love how motherhood has changed my life for the better, taught me so many things I never would have experience otherwise and helped me to grow considerably as a person. Yet it’s also had a huge impact on my body and appearance – my noticeably my hair.

Sadly nobody is immune to hairless, as men and women alike all face the devastating affects of thinning and balding with factors such as age, stress and hormonal changes influencing the extent, severity and rate.

After having my two babies I noticed handfuls of hair shockingly dropping out following each birth and devastatingly watched my hair go from full, thick and glossy to weak, flat and limp feeling entirely helpless. Postpartum hairless is normal for women, with it supposedly being temporary, however my mane says otherwise with my children now being 11yrs and (soon to be) 7yrs old. 

As I woman I feel that hair is a crowning glory and makes a huge difference to your appearance, confidence and femininity – which I find so difficult to accept as I dislike the condition of my hair so much. Whilst I thankfully don’t bald patches (commonly treated by hair transplant surgery), my existing hair has dwindled to a weak, thin and sorry state which now exposes my scalp in places. 

Over the years I’ve casually expressed my love/hate relationship with my hair to my friends and family but never thought that anything could help me. So you can imagine my shock when this Mother’s Day, rather than the traditional handmade card from the children, box of chocolates and flowers to thank me for my ever-enthusiastic services I instead received the gift of a non-surgical stem cell hair transplant at Vie Aesthetics in Essex and it absolutely blew me away!

It’s safe to say that such a generously heartfelt gift was something I never would have expected in a million years and I am so wonderfully overwhelmed and thankful for my family. This is the first I’ve heard of non-surgical hair transplants and I’ve found it absolutely fascinating.

This single procedure took around half an hour to complete and the safe and natural results – of fuller, thicker hair – may now last me up to six years, which varies with individuals and requires no further aftercare or special products.  First my stemcells were collecting from behind my ear before being processed and injected back into the top of my scalp to stimulate the strengthened regrowth of my existing hair. Much like adding fertiliser to vegetables!

I’m thrilled and relieved to know that something I have felt so very insecure about for so long can now be treated quickly, discreetly and conveniently with very little downtime and at a fraction of the price of having surgery. We all deserve to look and feel our best and I’m touched that my family made my Mother’s Day so thoughtful and memorable!

For more information about my non-surgical hair transplant procedure you can read my blog about it here:


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