Time for a bit of Hanky Pranky


With April fools approaching this Monday I’m feeling mischievously devious to come up with a prank! Each year I seem to get more and more excited about the possible hilarious pranks and stunts that I can pull to trick my friends and family in the hope that they won’t realise the date and fall for it hook line and sinker.

I think it’s a pretty obvious prank for any girl to pretend that she’s pregnant on April fools day and certainly after posting a generic hospital scan picture onto a timeline there will be floods of congratulatory messages shortly followed by a “wait a minute… is this an April Fool’s?” which completely ruins the surprise for others who may not have realised. 

This has got me thinking about how many fake-pregnancy April fools must go completely wrong when an unsuspecting boyfriend hears the life-changing news that he’s going to become a father. Surely there are men who take the news pretty badly, freak out, confess to being unfaithful or downright split up with their girlfriend and throw in the towel after a sudden evaluation of their relationship and such a huge wake-up call in life.

I guess hearing such news as having a baby would cause a person to assess their situation, to question if they’re ready to begin a family and to put the condition of their relationship under a microscope. I would imagine the first response of any unsuspecting man would be the fear of change, shortly followed by annoyance for not having planned nor asked for a baby and even sadness at the realisation of not being prepared or even truly in love with their current partner.

In essence I don’t think many people often find themselves in a position where they are 100% financially and romantically secure in their life and relationship to actually plan to have a baby. And most loving couples who do have a baby try their best to make it work but end up splitting up after too many sleepless nights, money worries and a lack of quality time together one a baby gets involved.

The more I think about this the less hilarious a fake-pregnancy seems as an April fools joke this year because so much could potentially go wrong; yet that makes for a very tempting test to see if my boyfriend would in fact hit the roof and express his true feelings when faced with such a dilemma. Would our relationship withstand the thought of having a child or would the reality of parenthood be too much to handle?

The not knowing, or even being able to guess my boyfriends reaction is bizarrely frustrating and I don’t know what I’d say if my prank was to be met with “I’m leaving! I never wanted your babies! I don’t love you and I’ve been having an affair with Doris at number forty-eight!” Umm…. “that’s an April fools too, right?” Gulp!


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