Sinitta unveils the secrets of her hot pants

I’m A Celeb bosses last night decided it was time to to get tough with the celebrities and declared an amnesty on contraband items – saying that if they didn’t hand over all smuggled goods then they would have meals taken away from what Antony had won earlier that day.

The Corrie star managed to get 8 stars after battling his way through a Bushtucker Trial called “Crude Awakenings”, and his fellow camp-mates were quick to make sure his efforts weren’t in vain by handing over all sorts of hidden treasures.

The smuggled items handed over included seasonings, eyeliner and even chilli sewn into Sinitta’s underwear!

Willie was reluctant.  “It’s a shame isn’t it” he said.  “It’s not worth it though” said Lorraine.  “Otherwise you might have to go to prison.”

Sinitta handed in her stash.  She said “I feel quite guilty now.  I feel like I’m back at boarding school to be honest.  I have a few packets of pepper, some packets of salt and a packet of chilli.  I brought the chilli into camp sewn into my underwear.”

“I definitely was aware that I had salt in my bag, yes” said Willie.

But the campmates were unsure what constituted contraband and soon all sorts of items were being taken to the Bush Telegraph including a kettle that Stefanie had brought over from Snake Rock.

Glamour model Jessica-Jane questioned: “Is it just the salt or is it more things so before you know it’s like a jumble sale and everyone’s bringing this stuff back with I think is unnecessary.”
And she tried to justify the items.  “Someone did have some salt and it made the food taste so good and it lifted morale and it made us a happier camp.”

But Crissy was confused.  “I thought contraband was fags because I’ve only ever heard the word contraband going through the duty free shop. It’s like a police raid!”

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