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In some ways, we are so much more relaxed about sexuality these days and in others, we, as a nation, are still no more advanced than Victorian prudes. There is so much sexualised language and basically soft porn in everyday films that pornographic content can become almost unsexual as we are anesthetised to the site of breasts or penises. However, many people still have an issue with the sex industry and are still shocked if you tell them that work in the fields of adult entertainment. 

The access we have to pornographic material via social media and the internet may have lessened the impact but clearly hasn’t removed the stigma. 

People joke about swinging and dogging, drop references into everyday conversations yet some men still get freaked out by the idea of having something up their anus and some women still believe that a man enjoying anal stimulation must be secretly homosexual. Even though this is a perfectly normal sex act between two consenting adults whether they be homosexual or heterosexual. 

Don’t let your own sexual hangups ruin what could be a brilliant sex life. Let go of sexual taboos and explore your sexuality, your desires and your interests. At the same time if you choose to have a fully vanilla sex life then that is ok too, as long as that is because it is what you enjoy and not because you are too scared to try anything else. 

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Dear Dr D

My boyfriend has asked me to use a strapon on him, Does this mean he is secretly gay?


Miss K

Hi Miss K

No, wanting to enjoy anal stimulation as part of a healthy and consensual sex life has nothing to do with his sexuality. There are a lot of sensitive nerve endings down their which feel very pleasurable when stimulated and also the male is located in the anus so it is perfectly normal for men or any sexual persuasion to enjoy. If you are uncomfortable starting with a strap on then you could try using a finger, vibrator or anal stimulation toy, to begin with, Make sure he has had a good clean up there first. 

Discuss it, relax and enjoy. Take your time and only do what you are comfortable with. 

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