Flirty Mark and Emily become breast jungle friends

Things are beginning to get raunchy in the I’m a Celeb jungle, with Essex boy Mark Wright confessing to glamour model Emily Scott that she is hot and was once his pin-up girl.

After getting to know each other in the pool with Dougie and Jessica-Jane, Mark and Emily took a dip and the flirting began between the pair.

Mark told Emily about his Trial with Freddie Starr and told her that he had to eat turkey testicles.  Emily said “You’d have loved to have eaten balls.  That what you just said.”

“Do you like eating balls” replied Mark.  “They’re my favourite thing.  Breakfast lunch and dinner” she replied.

“We’d better stop talking because I won’t be able to get out (of the pool) for about ten minutes” joked Mark.

He continued “I’m glad you’ve turned up because there’re more young people.  But you’re not hot enough” he teased.  Emily splashed him.  “That’s my cue to leave” he said.  “You’re not bad eye candy yourself” replied Emily flirtatiously.

Later in the Bush Telegraph, he said “We had a bit of a dip in the pool.  It was a bit of a laugh.  It’s cool.  Emily Scott. Hot girl.”

With the other camp mates in the Sin Bin they also had a conversation about where they should sleep.“You’ll be scared up there on your own” said Mark.  “We could play prince and princess and I could save you.”

And the two played a game where they asked each other questions.  Mark started by asking Emily when she last kissed a guy to which she replied a month previously.

She then asked him about dating.  He said “I only take girls out if I think they could be my girlfriend.  I have to talk to them for a couple of weeks.  A lot of my guy friends take out girls just to sleep with them but I don’t see the point in taking out girls just to have sex.”  He continued “Why would you go through the effort to date a girl for sex and get a bad name  because she’ll hate you for it.  I’m a cheeky chap but I don’t treat girls like that.  I don’t want to do it to myself.  I don’t like sleeping with random girls.  I like to get to know them first.”

They continued to talk about dating and later Mark said “The best thing about coming here was to get away from it.  To forget about hot girls in general.  And then they throw you in.”

Emily asked “You have a poster of me on your wall?”  He replied that Emily had been one of his pin up girls.  “That’s cool. I like that” she replied.

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