Mark and Emily get hot and sticky together in jungle challenge

Mark and Emily got hot and sticky as they rolled together in slime during the latest I’m A Celeb Treasure Chest challenge.

The flirty pair wore medieval costumes and long pointy hats and had to use a bouncy castle to spring up and burst slime filled balloons which contained four keys to open the chest.

As the came across the giant inflatable, TOWIE star Mark said: “It’s not a good idea to put you and I on a bouncy castle as I might get the wrong idea!”

They writhed around the floor in fits of giggles, with Aussie glanour girl Emily bouncing around like a rag doll and Mark at times putting her on his shoulders in order to burst the 70+ balloons.

“I’ll need a massage after this Ems and I’ll give you one too.” Hoisting her up on his shoulders he added: “Come on girl, shake those bosoms. I’m used to holding balloons with my hands not my head.

After hours of bouncing they found the four keys and cuddled each other.

Returning the chest to camp, the celebrities answered a question about the percentage of people who believe the monarchy is relevant correctly and won a quarter of a cucumber sandwich each.

Mark and Emily then wandered off to the freezing pool to wash and Mark remarked: “It’s cold isn’t it, nipple erection, smuggling peanuts?”

He held her by the hand as they emerged from the pool together to dry off, and it’s clear that things are really beginning to hot up between the pair and it looks as if it’s only a matter of time before they have a real fumble in the jungle.

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