Britain’s Flashiest Playboy Danny Lambo stars in The X Factor and reveals secret heartache

IMG-20170925-WA0000A reality TV veteran, Britain’s Flashiest Playboy Danny Lambo is always surprising the British public with what he’s going to do next on our television screens.

Following stints on BBC1’s ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ , Channel 4’s ‘How’d You Get So Rich’ and Channel 5’s ‘Britain’s Flashiest Families’ Danny now has his eyes firmly set on ITV and their biggest reality show ‘The X Factor’.IMG-20170925-WA0011

Danny with Ireland’s top glamour model Ava Van Rose

His Participation in a music show may come as a surprise to many, but for millions of teenage girls in the Far East Danny has been there before having had a successful pop career in Japan as a teenager after being scouted by a Japanese record producer back in the 90’s!

For five years Danny and his band toured the Far East until he quit the music industry aged just 21. We were very much a touring band he explains to me over a glass of champagne at one of his favourite haunts, The Ritz Hotel in London. The routine every day was the same. One hour rehearsal in the afternoon and a two hour gig in the evening. For the other twenty one hours of the day I was always in Hotels . This became my way of life for five years. So when I quit the music industry and came back to London, I had no qualifications but a fair chunk of money in the bank I had made from my music career. I’m not the type of guy to just sit back and relax at 21. I’ve always been a very creative person and need to be doing something creative work wise. Money has come my way but has always just been a bonus to me.

The only thing Danny really know about was the Hotel industry so he bravely decided to invest his life savings into a run down thirty bedroom B&B in Paddington.

Danny with Celebs Go Dating’s Izzy Beaumont

Turning it into London’s first themed boutique Hotel, ‘The Pavilion’ become a hot spot for celebrities such as Duran Duran , Naomi Campbell all the way through to today’s stars such as singers Paloma Faith and Sia.

It was hanging out wth all these musicians in his Hotels (he now has 2 valued at over £25m) that made Danny decided it was time for his musical comeback, and what better way to get his new self penned song ‘Playboyz’ heard than by singing it on the biggest music show in the U.K, The X Factor.

The song he says is an anthem for Playboys around the world and we here at the Daily Sport actually think it’s a very catchy tune and definitely a number one hit in the making!IMG-20170925-WA0004

The chorus tells the story of how Playboys have everything in life but not always love. Danny explains people often think I wrote the line ‘Playboys they’ve got everything in life but they can’t find love’ about the love of a woman as I understand it’s hard to be a playboy and expect a woman to accept that too, but I actually wrote that line about not having the love of my son in my life.

Danny with Daily Sport owner Grant Miller and Model Stella Paris

It was here that I saw that despite his Playboy image Danny also carries a heavy heart. My son is now six years old and I can’t see him because his mother ran off with him from the Hospital a week after he was born after our relationship broke down. She doesn’t let me have any access whatsoever which I feel is my basic human right. Sometimes relationships don’t work out and coupes break up but I still wanted to be a father to my son. Unfortunately his mother doesn’t allow that and has taken him abroad. She’s from a very powerful Russian Ologarcfamily and I have no rights over there whatsoever to eve see him. He probably doesn’t even know I exist. When the lyrics in my song talk about Playboys having everything in life but not love I’m referring to the love of my son.

Danny explained this to judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osborne, Nicole Sherzinger and Louis Walsh before he sung his song ‘Playboyz’. at the X Factor audition. Simon even shed a year hearing the story and Danny gave him a hug.
I wanted to my son to see that on television and know that I do think about him everyday but unfortunately they cut that scene from the show.

Danny’s audition was broadcast on Sunday and didn’t show the full dialogue or votes but after arriving in style in his orange Lamborghini Murcielago Danny proceeded to sing his song ‘Playboyz’ and received four yes’s from all the judges!IMG-20170925-WA0005

He now heads off to the final 100+ acts at X Factor Bootcamp.

The judges were all very complimentary he says. Sharon said I was very attractive, sexually attractive she added. Nicole said she wanted to get to know me better and Louis wanted to know what I would wear next time so said yes also. With Simon Cowell giving the final nod it was a full house for Danny.

Danny says he’s happy he got this far as the mission was to promote his song and anything else would be a bonus. A source also revealed that Simon Cowell even try’s to set Danny up on a date with Nicole at Bootcamp!IMG-20170925-WA0003

Will Danny end his playboy lifestyle and finally find the one?

We look forward to seeing how this new TV romance evolves!

The X Factor is on every Saturday and Sunday ITV at 8pm

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