Lubed in Chelsea

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Lubricant brand WooHoo is certainly giving the residents on ULTRA POSH Chelsea something to WOOHOO about! As the inhabitants of the POSH London borough are buying their LUBE by the barrel with 2 such residents buy custom made 25 litre barrels in the last few weeks alone.


They’re obviously having loads of fun either that or they have the biggest LOVE TUNNELS in the world in Chelsea and should be in the Guinness Book of Records.


Graham Carr Smith of WooHoo told DAILY SPORT “When someone rung up and asked us if we could provide them with a 25 litre barrel of lubricant we thought they were having a laugh, but it appears they were just big fans of the product and were going through so many of our 50ml tubes they wanted to stock up. It turned out they were from a very well to do postcode in Chelsea and when we told them a 25l barrel would cost £3,400 as we’d have to make them a bespoke product they didn’t hesitate in saying that was fine. Two weeks later and we got another order for a 25l barrel from a similar address. I can only assume the customers knew each.”

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For those of you on a more meager budget or if you want to try it out before going the whole hog on a barrel of WooHoo, BOOTS stock a 50ml tube for just £6.99.

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