You’re Knickered!


Hold onto your hats, folks, because the streets just got a whole lot hotter, thanks to our very own crime-busting cop with a naughty secret. Word on the beat is that one of London’s bravest in blue isn’t just tackling crime rings and vice; he’s doing it while decked out in fiery red, frilly knickers and suspenders under his uniform!

You heard it here first – when raunchy Police Constable “X” father of eight isn’t chasing down the bad guys, The saucy scoop came out when PC “X” made a daring bust at a notorious underground swingers club. In the scuffle, his shirt came untucked, and bam – there it was, a flash of red lace thong that had everyone doing a double-take.

But Red Hot PC “X” who wants to remain anonymous said “Everyone’s got something that gives them an edge, and mine just happens to be a bit more… sensual,” he told us with a wink. “Keeps me sharp on the job.”

As the whispers and chuckles around the nick grew, saucy PC “X” found himself at the centre of an unintended scandal. The story of his daring choice in undergarments had spread like wildfire, not through social media, but through old-fashioned gossip and nudges. The once proud bearer of red, frilly knickers began to feel the heat of embarrassment rather than the warm embrace of camaraderie he had hoped for.

Feeling the weight of his colleagues’ sideways glances, PC “X” decided it was time to retire his now infamous red knickers and suspenders. With a sheepish grin, he admitted, “Perhaps I got carried away with my saucy underwear. It’s time to get back to basics and focus on the job at hand, no more suspenders, just got old fashioned French knickers.”

PC “X”, though slightly red faced, was embraced by his fellow officers, appreciated his willingness to take it all in stride and refocus on keeping the streets safe, no frills attached.


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