Monckney’s World Cup 2014 Insight

Welcome to the next instalment of my midweek column.

The main talking point for the week has to be the outcome of the long awaited world cup draw for next year’s finals in Brazil so mixed opinions all round really.

In reality, the group in which England have actually been placed is not that challenging.   Okay, Italy just scraped past us in the last tournament but a majority of those dangerous players are knocking on a bit now so I cannot see them shaping up too much out there. The main talking point is the humidity apparently.   I don’t know too much about it but we are going to struggle? So why isn’t Italy going to struggle too?  It’s a pretty even playing field soI’m not buying any of this humidity advantage crap that they are selling. The other two teams in England’s group are Uruguay and Costa Rica. Uruguay is also decent team and to me they are actually more of a threat than the Italians and with Suarez in the form of his life right now they could be a heavy force.

I’m not saying we have a chance of winning because as I have said in my other columns I generally don’t think we do.   we are at a stage of transition where the old is making way for the new but the new coming through is just not ready yet.   Belgium went through a similar transition not too long ago and now look at the stunning matured team they have now become and let’s face it, title contenders. Can England be like that team in 3 or 4 years? No! This magical team that has managed to blossom all at the same time is out of this world.  For that reason they are my favourites to win the tournament….I’m pretty sure you can pick them up at 30/1 in some bookies….

Brazil, Germany and Spain are also in the running and yes Germany are looking every bit as impressive as the others mentioned  Defensively Brazil are not going to deal with the likes of Germany or the passing of Spain but a lot can happen in 6 months.  Look at players like Townsend for England.  He’s been on the scene for a matter of 4 months and is now a regular for club and country. It’s going to be very interesting but sadly I don’t think England stand a chance unless we really hit form.  Youth is the key in my opinion.  It’s going to be a case of who is the fittest.

Portugal has a very tough group.   One man single handedly got them to the finals and its that one man who is going to do just that there but this tournament is not about qualifying against average teams, this is the big time.   A team like Germany who have enough discipline to take Ronaldo out of the game will render the rest of the team useless.   Portugal don’t have a cat in hell’s chance. 

One country who has to have an outside chance is Argentina. Again like England they always seem to just fall short, regardless of quality  but this year their whole team is oozing with quality.  Arguably the third if not second ( to Ronaldo) best player in the world this year is Aguerro ! He’s with Messi and Di Maria. That team is looking lethal and again, the defence is the only issue there.

So this week’s Premier League was back in full swing with a few shocks on the cards too.   Chelsea lost Ha Ha    awful so I guess Jose is not so special after all. Manchester United lost yet again as predicted by yours truly and they are continuing their train-crash of a season and City and arsenal could only draw.  A real bet buster of a weekend all in all and I’m sure all the bookies really cleaned up.  

Liverpool is still looking very decent even though it was at the cost of my beloved Irons they eased past and look very good.  Suarez again showing why clubs like Real Madrid are keeping a close eye on him.  I’m sure he will leave in the summer.

I’ m very worried for Cardiff this season.  The games they should be scraping are passing them by.  It’s the same with Sunderland and for me they are both going down….It’s just a case of the third and at the moment I’m sorry to say it’s West Ham they really need to pull out of this pathetic no-striker crap and bring a few boys in.

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