Willie explodes into rage and turns jungle air blue

Willie Carson turned the air in the I’m A Celeb camp blue when he lost his rag and fired a four letter volley of verbal abuse at Dougie and Antony after their latest challenge left him fuming.

The duo were told to steal camp mate’s belongings and towels as part of a challenge and the reward – if they went undetected –  were packages for the celebrities from their loved ones.

But when former jockey Willie heard what the two lads had been up to, he stormed back into camp saying: “f***ing thieves.”

“You don’t steal, you don’t lie. I’m seething, annoyed, these thieves get away with it and we do the time. I’m so f***ing angry. If it was just me, I’d of given you a thump and laughed about it, it’s turned nasty, condoning stealing, you can’t do this, condoning thieving, and how can this look good?”

Dougie tried to apologise and Antony attempted to explain that they thought they were winning packages for everyone and did not know the pair would be imprisoned for it.

Antony said: “Willie when you get out of here you will see exactly what happened and you will see that you filled in your own blanks and you are wrong. As far as we were aware we were doing it for everyone, we don’t get anything out of it. It’s just a game show!”

Willie hit back: “He’s lucky I didn’t pull him out of the bed last night, I was very close to it. What you are doing to all the kids in England is condoning stealing. You don’t steal, you don’t lie, even in a game show. It is selfishness and I can’t condone it.”

Dougie tried to gently explain to Willie what had happened but it fell on deaf ears.  “I would not lie and steal off my own back.”

“But you did”, said the former jockey.

“We were the traitors but they are not impressed with us. It’s put a bummer on the whole thing and I feel awful,” Dougie said.

Crissy brought down the packages that Antony and Dougie had won for her and Willie from their loved ones. Crissy got a photo of her friend, some chocolate and her yin and yan balls. Willie got a picture of his wife Elaine. “The emotion gets to you,” he said wiping away a tear.

Antony quipped: “Morals come and go don’t they (referring to Willie), he’s not even had the good grace to apologise”.

“Bad manners deserve bad manners” said Antony.

Dougie then came over to his pal and said: “Where would you be without fun?…here” Antony said sarcastically.  Dougie laughed.

“The horrible thing is we never did anything but they did say those things and they did react that way.  You can’t take that away, it’s a horrible feeling.  You can forgive and forget but can’t take it away” said Antony.

Mark said: “You can understand why they thought like that”

Antony quickly snapped: “I will never understand that coz I would not react like that…not with people I have lived with for two weeks.”


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