Emma Green

We’ve done in again guys with the super sexy Emma Green we’re sure you’re going to go nuts about this 25yo Welsh beauty who has 32D-24-34 figure and has graced the pages of numerous lads mags in recent times, so we’ve excelled ourselves this time with the delectable Emma.

Our Emma like travelling, spicy food (as if she’s not hot enough already) and partying (Don’t we all Emma). Her dislikes are stuck up people, crowded places (even though Emma must always generate a crowd where ever she goes) and public transport.

You can also follow the lovely Emma on twitter @emmagreenmodel

36 thoughts on “Emma Green

  1. Emma to win 100% shes a hotteee, and just wat the guys want to see without a doubt! Keep up the fab work babes and good luck :) xxxxx mwah

  2. i agree with everyone else emma should win shes a beaut! and has a figure to die for and will have the papers smoking with her new gorgeous firey red hair :p xxxxx

  3. Em your stunning babe, every mans dream girl, super hot & super sexy, and very sweet like the girl next door… Your perfect baby girl so keep up the good work, am a massive fan… Xx

  4. I’ve been a fan of the sport ever since its story about an Alian dying because he are a cheeseburger, made my day every day from then on. This girl is hot and being in the forces I know we all speak for her when we say… “Sport, if you want us to buy your rag then get her to be our pin-up girl” It’s hot out here in Afghan but not too hot for this chick!

  5. Well I would say Emma is sexy, amazing, beautiful and gorgeous but everyone else has said that so I’ll just say I think Emma is simply perfect.

    About time you shot more natural girls like Emma not all these creasoted perma tan wannabes with fake tits whereby most aren’t even the same size… I’d even start buying your paper If Emma was in it!

  6. this lil welsh model is to die for!!! i model myself and i would love to do a girl on girl shoot with her!!! pulls a stunning pic!!! love all your work emma jane!!! just simply hottness!!! would love to see you exposed more and more in the papers and mags love your work keep it up hunni xxx

  7. would love to see this lil hot welsh model in the paper!!! i bought the last issue she was in so put her in there again!!! proper stunner and all natural too bonus!!!! would love to see more of this girl xxxx

  8. Seen this girl on her modelling page, and the photos on this page are just tooooo sexy, get this girl in the paper! We want to see more.

  9. I know this girl personally, great girl to chat to, always takes greats photos, always looks stunning,need to get her in the paper as soon as possible! The nation are missing out on this beautiful babe and her photos.

  10. Damn emma is gorgeous, so sexy, such an amazing body, you need to get her in the dailysport more often, absolutely stunning

  11. absolutely stunning, gorgeous lady and always responds on facebook when a fan says hi, she is simply wonderful, you should have her in every day

  12. what man in his own right wouldn t want to see this welsh rarebit in such a prestigious paper like the daily sport!!i mean the girl is fit as f~@k excuse the language! i would love to see her around my breakfast table even if it is in a paper!! so please daily sport do the british isles a favor and publish this little gem in ur paper ok!! many kind regards carl page

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