Roxanne Sky


Here’s another Daily Sport signing to feast your eyes on, the sizzling hot Roxanne Sky this 20yo busty blonde babe from Manchester has superb 34F assets and we couldn’t resist her.

This sweet but sexy babe currently works as a beautician, lets hope our Roxanne Sky can make all girls look as beautiful as her. Roxanne Sky only started modelling recently and has always dreamt of being a pin up. So the Daily Sport has made her dream come true.  Roxanne Sky says she like trips to Wales, walking, drawing and making cup cakes. Daily Sport says if the cakes taste as good as she looks they must be divine.

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  1. Roxanne, ur pictures are stunning, but ur even more beautiful in the flesh and your a diamond, no matter what comes along to attempt to cover your beauty, just remember a diamond will always remain precious, never losing its value, like you xxx

  2. Roxanne looks stunning! Lovely person, makes everyone laugh and definitely has the best Salon in the North West fact!!! Will go so far xxx

  3. Roxanne is a stunning girl with a lovely personality, she will definately go far as a model and she’s a brilliant beautician as well xxx


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