Adidas Anarchy as Kanye’s Call to Arms


Controversial rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West is stirring up a storm and he’s calling on all his fans to join in. He’s proper miffed with Adidas, accusing them of knocking off his famous Yeezy trainers. He’s even shared a pic of some “steel grey” Yeezys that he says he never had a hand in making. Looks like things are getting messy, doesn’t it?

It gets juicier. Kanye’s now saying that Adidas is after him for a whopping £200 million. This is on top of a previous legal spat where they tried to put a freeze on his Yeezy cash. Even though they seemed to patch things up for a bit, Kanye and the Adidas boss man, Bjorn Gulden, it looks like any chance of them getting back on good terms has been stamped all over.

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Kanye’s not just stopping with Adidas. He’s having a go at the celeb world too, calling them out for turning a blind eye. He’s proper wound up, especially after his split with Kim Kardashian, saying he’s been hard done by when it comes to seeing his kids. He’s also had a pop at the music industry, hinting they’re out to get him by messing with his tunes and his cash.

Kanye’s latest album, “Vultures 1,” has already been yanked from Apple Music, and he reckons it might get the boot from other places too. He’s convinced the industry is out to sabotage him.

So, now what’s Kanye’s game plan? Looks like he’s ready to take on the lot of them, with his fans backing him up. It’s all kicking off, and Kanye’s right in the thick of it.

Listen to the new Kanye West album Vultures 1 on all major platforms now, well except Apple Music…


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