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Cheating Is A Choice Not A Mistake!

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Dear Kaz,


I am in pieces. I found out 6 weeks ago that my partner had a fling behind my back. He begged my forgiveness and I finally relented and agreed to give him another chance. Everything was fine for a couple of weeks then he started disappearing again and the other day I found sexual texts between him and the same woman. In the text messages, he said he couldn’t wait to feel her again. Part of me wants to give him another chance and part of me wants to get revenge on his sorry arse. What shall I do?

Samantha, 28, Northampton.


Dear Samantha,


You have my sympathies and your partner sounds like a no-good rat. There’s a saying ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’ and your partner obviously completely disregards your emotions to treat you this way. He has shown that he is unable to change his behaviour and has returned to his old ways in the matter of weeks.


When you agreed to give your partner a second chance, you gave him the green light to continue his shameful ways. If he is still texting the other woman – whether he has met her in person again or not – shows that he is only sorry he got caught and not sorry for hurting your feelings or damaging the relationship.


You deserve better. You deserve someone who respects you and isn’t dishonest or texts other woman behind your back. I know you must be suffering right now, but remember this type of pain is only temporary and things will get better for you once you remove this selfish man from your life. Give him the heave ho, pack his bags and tell him not to come back. He may beg, cry or attempt to manipulate you in other ways so he can carry on his double life, but you must be strong and not give into him.


As for revenge, it may make you feel better temporarily but in the long run it may have dire consequences. It may affect your conscience and self-esteem to sink to his level or it may even land you in trouble with the authorities. The best revenge is moving on and being a success – show him what he missed out on!


Rally up your support team, friends, family and loved ones. Have a girly night and resist the urge to stay at home moping. There is a whole world out there and your Mr Right is out there waiting, but you won’t find him until you move on. Say good bye, take out the trash and say hello to a new life that will give you the things you need. As one door closes, another door opens. Be the strong woman you are inside and your life will improve massively.



Full Of Spunk!

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Dear Mistress Kaz


I have a bit of a weird fetish and want to know if it is safe. I really get off on the idea of a Mistress or escort saving condoms full of semen then forcing me to eat it. I love the humiliation of it and it drives me bananas! Is this risky?

Peter, 39, Derby


Dear Peter,


Here’s a question for you – would you let a complete stranger ejaculate in your mouth? It is the same thing after all, apart from condoms that have had time to sit will no doubt multiply in bacteria meaning that you are ingesting even more bacteria than if you were drinking it fresh from the source!


In case I have not been completely clear – yes this is a risky practise as you do not know whose semon you are consuming and what infections or bacteria they may carry. If the ‘donor’ carried a STI such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, Syphilis and potentially even HIV if the semen is still fresh. Ways to combat this would be to boil or freeze it, however do you really trust a third party to do this properly?


Honestly, I think you are putting yourself at risk for a cheap thrill. If you decide that you cannot do without the thrill, why not ask a play partner whom you are 100% certain you trust to put some liquid silk lube into a condom and pretend its semen. If the taste isn’t convincing enough – throw in dash of salt!


It’s A Bum Deal!

 prob 3

Hey Kazster!


I’m a 42-year-old male and I have a thing for anal sex…though not in the conventional sense! Over the years, I have bought tons of butt plugs, beads and even have a dildo that I stick to the bathroom wall with a suction cup. I like to pretend I’m being anally buggered, though I have no interest in having sex with men. Is this still weird? Should I try and stop?

Kev, Solihull


Dear Kev,


Is your penchant for bottom sex causing you problems in your relationships or career? If not then I would say that your fetish is unproblematic. Men often find that they achieve an unbelievably good orgasm when their prostate or Male G spot is stimulated and it certainly sounds if you have found yours.


With regards to the comment about being ‘anally buggered’ many people have fantasies about being controlled and if this is a fantasy you are carry out on your own in your bathroom I see no real issue with it…just make sure you do not slip over on the soap!


Be sure to invest in a good alcohol spray to keep them sterile, avoid sex toys which contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates and be sure to use plenty of lube to avoid soreness!


Oh, and there is one rule you should remember when it comes to any form of anal sex – avoid inserting anything larger than what comes out of the orifice!

Send your problems in to me at [email protected]



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