A trouble shared

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Dear Kaz,


About a year ago I went on a stag party with some mates and as a laugh we all dressed as adult babies and wore nappies and carried teddy bears and dummies. I think it must have triggered something inside me as I haven’t been able to stop doing it since.  I have spent a fortune on terry cloths, pampers, changing mats with little ducks on, dummies and talc.  Last week I had a woman back to my apartment after a date. In the moment of passion, I hurriedly opened the wardrobe to get some condoms and a pile of wet wipes, pampers and colourful bibs fell on my head! The woman assumed that I had lied about being single and was convinced I must be hiding a wife and kids somewhere! I couldn’t possibly tell her the truth so she ended up storming out. I’m not ready to give up my fetish. What should I do?

Stuey, 32, Barnet

Agony 10118

Dear Stuey,


What an embarrassing situation for you. You must have been mortified. I detect from the tone of your letter that this woman was a fling and there were no emotions involved, so at least you have not lost anything and it’s unlikely you’ll see her again. Try not to dwell on someone you are unlikely to bump into again.  We have all been on bad dates, but as long as you don’t find out your date is a serial killer you tend to forget about them.


Your fetish is not that unusual. There are many adult babies out there that love nothing better than stepping into a cosy nappy and returning to their childhood.  Dressing as a baby may induce a feeling of safety and help you return to a time when you felt emotionally secure. During the infant stage, we often felt loved and nurtured and perhaps your fetish stems from a need to feel protected. Whatever your reason, there is no harm in wearing a nappy and watching Peppa Pig with your favourite stuffed animal! However, I do suggest that next time you invite a date over you, hide your secret stash somewhere a little more secret!


Your fetish may fizzle out after a while or it may always be with you, but at the moment it sounds as if you are in the honeymoon stage of your fetish where you want to do it all the time. Just make sure it doesn’t infringe on other areas of your life and enjoy it as part of your lifestyle rather than allowing it to take over completely.


When it comes to romantic encounters, you may find it challenging to share your fetish with others. If you are unwilling to hang up your diapers just yet but are seeking companionship, then perhaps you might benefit from joining a club such as London’s ABC which cater to those with an adult baby fetish. You might make some meaningful connections with the opposite sex in time, but in the least you’ll meet some like minded people whom you can share your fetish with.


Visit the link below to find out more information.




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