Cuckold fantasies tip me over the edge!

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Dear Kaz,

I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of watching my wife having sex with other men. Although I know this is something she would never do, the thought of seeing her with other guys is driving me wild. I fantasise that she’s dressed in a slutty way, in latex stockings and a rubber dress, and she’s having sex with two men at once. Preferably well-hung, fit young squaddies. I’d be forced to watch, and even to film the proceedings, to watch repeatedly.

In real life, I couldn’t bear the idea of my wife being unfaithful, so why am I fantasising about her behaving like this?

George, 41, Hampshire

Dear George,

Cuckold fantasies are commonplace nowadays. Cuckolding describes a man who submits to his wife’s urges, and is forced to watch her indulge in sexual acts with other men. There is a voyeuristic element to the fantasy, as it allows the lover to be able to enjoy watching his wife, or partner, without being distracted by engaging in the act itself.
Society has conditioned us to be monogamous and only sleep with one partner, so of course, the taboo of sharing can be very enticing to those who enjoying cuckoldry.

There are probably many reasons you could be having these fantasies, but why not simply because you find the idea of it exciting? If you have been with your wife a long time, then it’s most likely a way to keep the fire alive.
In the honeymoon stage of a relationship, everything is exciting and overwhelming. We cannot stop fantasising about our loved one and the slightest touch, or knowing look can make your flesh sizzle and the sparks fly!

However, over time we grow comfortable. You see one another doing mundane things, such as brushing your teeth, washing the dishes and wearing your lounging clothes, and the excitement can begin to fade. Hubby might stop wearing that sexy aftershave that once drove his partner wild, and wifey might be dressed in her fluffy PJ’s more often than sexy stockings!

It’s perfectly natural to have wild fantasies once the fireworks burn out. It’s a healthy way to keep the spark alive. If you find that having these thoughts leads to better sex with your wife, then that can only be a good thing. Your wife will probably appreciate your new-found enthusiasm and it might even make her feel even sexier in the bedroom!

Some couples do go a step further than just fantasising and experiment with making their fantasies a reality. However, this is not for everyone. Emotions are powerful and unpredictable forces. What seemed like a good idea in the safe sanctuary of your mind, might feel like a nightmare in real life. When feelings of jealousy and insecurity enter a relationship, it can lead to irreparable damage.

Before considering such a big step, think of other ways to spice up your love life. Buy your wife the latex, thigh stockings and a rubber dress! You could even wear a hood or mask, then film yourselves having sex. If you are hooded in the video, when you watch it back, it could almost seem like you are watching another man commit naughty acts with your latex-clad lover! It may just feel like the best of both worlds. Keep it kinky and enjoy!

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