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Dear Kaz, 

The missus went to an Ann Summers party recently and ever since she keeps ordering these strange toys! I didn’t mind the vibrating rabbits she bought for me to use on her, but now she’s ordered a strap-on and wants to experiment with role reversal. I hate to admit it but part of me is curious to try it. Will it make me gay if I go through with it? What if I poo everywhere?

Thomas, 27, Suffolk

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Dear Thomas,

I’m confident that experimenting with any kind of sex toy will not make you gay or cause you to suddenly become attracted to men. The male G-spot is in the rectum, and some men enjoy having this stimulated with fingers, a small vibrator or a strap-on. It certainly doesn’t affect their sexuality.

If you are worried about making a mess, you can purchase a douche or enema online from about £6 and most good sex shops sell them. You’ll need to fill the douche with warm (not too hot or cold) water and insert into the rectum, then empty out over the loo. You may need to repeat 4 or 5 times to be squeaky clean and then take a nice hot shower! Once you have done this, you will be ready to lie back and think of England, without any concerns about hygiene. I’d also advise using a condom over the dong attachment as it will make cleaning up after sex much quicker and easier.

Make sure your other half uses plenty of lube on your bottom, and I would suggest she dons a pair of latex gloves and slips a finger in first to warm you up and ease the entry of the strap-on.  The most important thing is that you relax and don’t rush the process. If she stimulates your penis while entering you with the strap-on, it should help relax things down there and help you get into the zone!

Foreplay can make the experience more enjoyable too. Rather than trying to insert the strap-on straight away, caress one another and have her tease your body with her fingers and tongue.

If you enjoy the experience, you might even want to try a couples strap-on. One end slides into her and the other end slips into yourself. There are so many possibilities. Stay safe and enjoy!

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