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Dear Kaz,

I have a real love of dwarves. I don’t mean just short women, I mean those preferably under 4”5. I feel bad about this as I know you should love somebody for who they are and not for their body type. I’d love someone who is micro sized but with a big personality!

Is it wrong that I have these longings? I wouldn’t even know where to get started!

Robert, 26, Shropshire

Dear Robert,

I think you may be limiting your options slightly by setting your heart on what type of person. Also, I agree that you should fall in love with someone because of who they are, and not choose someone based purely on their body type alone.

I want you to ask yourself a question and be honest with yourself. Do you think your desire is sexually motivated, could it be a fetish? Or are you looking for something more long term and looking to settle down?

Whilst small people may float your boat sexually, they are real people with real feelings and I would be loath to encourage you to pursue this path, if you are just looking to sow your oats. Of course, if you are 100% honest with anyone you meet and they are ok with that, then there is no harm in having a little fun! Who knows, it could lead to something more long term.

There are many websites for dwarves and people looking to date them such as

I see no problem with making some connections and meeting up for coffee. Take it slowly, always be honest with those you meet and perhaps eventually, you might just find the love of your life.

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