Are you Shagless?


It’s here the latest XXX spoof the nation’s been waiting for SHAGLESS new from the makers of A Royal Romp and Feel or No Deal this parody of Shameless follows the GAGGER family and stars Mark Sloan, Megan Coxxx and a whole host of hot new XXX starlets.

The family is headed up by un-employed father of 7 Frank Gagger (Sloan) and long suffering wife Sheila (Loz Lorrimar) who also suffers from delusions and OCD, so she certainly knows how to polish every knob ‘n’ fanny.

Set in “Wankersville” where there is plenty of shagging to go round. Even the locals at the pub are getting plenty too, like barmaid Karen (Megan Coxxx) who can’t stand to be stuck behind the bar, when there should be a man taking her from behind. This also stars Eden Adore and Lucy Love keeping their men happy.

The Gaggers are wild, unapologetic, horny as hell – and at times, completely Shagless! Airing in across the net here in the UK, this is one parody not to be missed! Make sure you’re not Shagless!

Daily Sport says – Don’t miss the XXX action that will certainly not leave you Shagless!


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