Big Brother 2012 has a new look house

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Next Tuesday June 5th at 9pm sees the welcomed return of one of the nation’s favourite reality shows when BIG BROTHER hits our screens for a long and hot summer session, not only that the house has had a facelift.

The house has been designed with old school Vegas glamour. The garden showcases two famous views from Nevada: the Vegas strip at dusk and the rocky outcrops of the Grand Canyon. A huge hot tub, positioned right next to the swimming pool, is guaranteed to get the housemates steamed up. The garden also features a grand dining space large enough for the entire house.

The housemates’ every move will be recorded on one of the 45 cameras. 12,000m of LED lighting has been laid throughout the house. There are 40 fixed cameras, five manned cameras, six infra- red cameras and a tower cam that will provide never before seen angles of the house. Plus 67 camera mirrors have been strategically positioned across the house meaning that, as ever, there will be nowhere for the housemates to hide.

Susy Price, executive producer for Big Brother told DAILY SPORT: “This year, the house has been given a complete facelift both structurally and aesthetically, combining aspirational sleekness with old school Vegas glamour. It may look like a summer paradise but for housemates this will be no holiday.”

Steve Gowans of Channel 5 told DAILY SPORT: “This year’s house has been designed to transport the housemates into a world combining the exuberance of Las Vegas with the rugged Wild West. It will provide a dramatic backdrop to this summer’s series, in which housemates will be put through some of the most exciting challenges to date.”

Daily Sport says – Summer 2012 just got hotter and we can’t wait to see who’s in the house?


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