Big Brother 2013: First contestants enter the house – profiles and latest odds

Channel 5

A heavily tattooed glamour model, a former male escort and a woman who runs a dating website are among the first nine contestants to enter the Big Brother house.

The new series, which has the theme of “Secrets and Lies”, was launched live on Channel 5 last night and more contestants expected to enter this evening.

Here’s our guide to the first batch with the latest odds from our betting partner Betfred on them winning the show:

Sallie Axl, (pictured)is a nude model and aspiring DJ who claims to have slept with over 70 women.

The 26-year-old blonde has tattoos all along one sleeve and also claims to have had liaisons with celebrities and footballers.

She describes herself as “a bitch”.

Betfred odds: 28/1


Dexter Koh, is a 28-year-old celebrity publicist who describes himself a ‘jack of all trades’, and says  he used to be a highly paid escort and a strip club manager.

He says he doesn’t get time for hobbies because he is always working – chasing stories and making money.  Claims he can get very outspoken during debates and dislikes “stupid people”.

Betfred odds: 20/1


Jemima Slade, 41, runs a “goldigger” dating website who says she likes to date toy boys and has brought her daughter up to target rich men to date. Says as dated a Saudi Prince and a man worth £50 million.   When asked if she would have sex in the house, she said: “If I fancy someone, I’ll go for it”.

Betfred odds: 33/1


Sam Evans, a 23-year-old stockroom assistant, was born with severe hearing loss and represents the national deaf football team.   He compares himself to Only Fools and Horses character Del Trotter and says he wants to be a role model for other deaf children.

He has never had a girlfriend and he wants to meet someone soon, although he thinks he is too young to settle down.

Betfred odds: 5/2 (favourite)


Callum Knell, 28, is a primary schools sports coach, and said he is worried he’ll annoy housemates with his “very good looks”.

He likes an argument but doesn’t like very religious or overly camp gay people, and claims that whilst coaching in America he ended up sleeping with a mother and daughter – which he thinks this gives him serious “man points”.

Betfred odds: 8/1


Wolfy Millington, 20, is a student and practising Shamen who says she can talk to animals and has a passion for fishing which “borders on the erotic” and has a tattoo of the first mackerel she ever caught.

She lives with her girlfriend of four years, believes in reincarnation and says she can talk to animals.

Betfred odds: 7/1


Sophie Lawrence, 20, is a dental nurse who comes from a Gypsy family and describes her grandad was a “gypsy gangster”

She is a black belt in karate and admits she has a temper, classing herself as a bit of a tomboy and “not a bimbo”.

Betfred odds: 6/1


Jack and Joe Glenny, are 18-year-old identical twins, who have the same jobs, share the same hobbies and also share the same bedroom.

The supermarket checkout assistants said “We’re funny, we’re friendly and we’re fat” and love musicals.

Betfred odds: 9/1


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