Camp mates fury at Bossima Whitbread




Fatima Whitbread is certainly not the toast of her I’m a Celeb camp mates as her bossy style continues to cause rumbles in the jungle.

The former Olympic star seems intent on laying down the law and taking over in every task, and the backlash from her fellow contestants is growing stronger by the day.

At first everything seemd fine yesterday when she was having a chat before starting her camp cleaning tasks.

“It’s the last chance today for it not to be an all boy final” declared Antony.  Mark smiled and said “You’re the last lady left Fats”.

“I’m not afraid of that, I’m really pleased, I’m there for the girls” said Fatima.  “It’s something to be proud of” said Mark.

But sparks then began to fly when Fatima told Mark that they needed more wood and water.

The TOWIE star was clearly not happy with her orders and moaned “She’s like my Mum” before telling her he had already twice been out to collect wood.

However the former javelin thrower was having none of it and said: “Do your bit Mark, I’ve been down twice already too”.  A clearly irrate mark snapped back saying: “What do you mean, do my bit?…I have”.

Antony and Mark then reluctantly gave in to Bossima and decided to go collect wood together. Antony then took the  opportunity to further bitch about Fatima’s antics.

“I wish she wouldn’t make everything into a competition.  The thing that keeps her in, is that fact she’s always busy, doing things, it’s certainly not because of her personality…let me tell you!” said the Corrie actor.

Two celebrities were asked to take part in a trial called Splash and Grab and it was immediately agreed it should be Fatima and Antony.

Fatima said: “We’re ready for it, I’m biting at the chump and ready to be unleashed again. “

Talking to herself she said: “I’m not sitting back and letting the guys take over. I’m rearing to go. I’m like a tightly sprung coil and ready to get food and take up the challenge.” Before heading off to the trial Fatima had a snooze clasping her gold medal.

Antony said: “I mean if it was up to Fatima, she would do everything and they’d be no one else here, she’d do it all on her own, do all the trials, all the cooking, all the water, all the wood, she would just do the whole thing, its fair to say

“I’ve not done a trial since the first week. It’s a two person trial so we’re both going to do it, so of course the hand shaking begins, all that nonsense, she said to me, ‘I’m happy to work with you’ oooh I will put my big old choofty badge on shall I? I just want it to be fun, I don’t want hand shaking or strategy talks… if you want that have it to yourself… I just want it to be fun and I don’t want to go home, I’ve made it this far, love to make it another day so we’ve got to make the most of the time here.”


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