End of Year 5 Minutes with Aurora Phoenix


Today we have a CHEEKY end of year catch up with SEXY red head Aurora Phoenix and here is what she had to share with us all here at Sport HQ.

Q1. What name would you like us to refer to you as?

Aurora Phoenix

Q2. Where are you from?

I was born in London, United Kingdom. I am now based in Cambridgeshire.

Andy’s Photography

Q3. Age?


Q4. So, what have you been up to since we last spoke to you?

I have been up to so much since we last spoke. I have continued to shoot remotely – using camera software and screen-sharing tools, photographers can control my camera and settings remotely from their location. Afterwards I send across the files. However, as restrictions have eased, I’ve been doing lots of Tours again and travelled all over the UK for shoots.

I started Touring again from June onwards after restrictions had eased. A modelling Tour is when a model travels to a certain city or place for a few days carrying out lots of shoots with photographers in that area. My Tours range from 2-5 days. I find Tours are a great way to maintain a full calendar as a full-time model as work isn’t always local to where you are.

In the last year I have travelled to Reading, Southampton, Bath/Somerset, Yorkshire, Dublin, and Scotland twice; I toured in both Edinburgh and Glasgow during different parts of the year. I have loved meeting and working with so many different photographers all over the country. I have also featured in a number of studio days, I particularly loved travelling to Canterbury and Northamptonshire. I also went to London many times for Solo and Duo bookings.

I have also continued to film product reviews for Lingerie Lowdown. This is a company that I have a contract with to film impartial lingerie, hosiery, nightwear and swimwear reviews from home. They have a YouTube channel for teasers and their own subscription website for full 12-minute reviews. They are such an amazing company to work for and I’m so thankful to be part of the team.

I also shoot content for my OnlyFans. I mainly squeeze in content after my shoots in the evenings on Tours or if I have any free time. I find if hair and makeup is already done for shoots, I manage to fit it all in on the same day. I occasionally do themed content days with other models too if they want to create some Lingerie & Implied sets with me.

Q5. What projects do you have coming up?

I only just made my way to Europe during the end of this year to Dublin, Ireland for modelling work. Now that I’m double vaccinated, I will be off to the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and a few other places in Europe for shoots in 2022 which I’m so excited about.

I’ll also be re-visiting UK places again that were successful for me. I’ll be going back to Scotland again for sure!! As for new places I’m planning Birmingham & Liverpool for Tours.

I have quite a few Studios Days & modelling events too along with filming more reviews for Lingerie Lowdown and more content creation for my OnlyFans as always.

I’ll be back at Only All Sites again too which is one of the biggest glamour, lingerie and stockings modelling companies in UK and Europe. I also plan to film some more videos for my YouTube channel as well when I get the chance.

Q6. What have you been doing to get through the lockdown boredom?

To cure lockdown boredom, I shot remotely from my home studio with photographers and continued to make content for my OnlyFans. I’m very thankful to have still been able to work during the pandemic. It gave my days a structure and helped me keep going.

In my free time I did home workouts and a lot more cooking and baking that I normally didn’t have time for. I also made sure to go for a walk every few days so that I wouldn’t go insane from being trapped inside. I also still shot on location even in the most freezing months on social distancing shoots. It helped me interact and work with other creatives from a distance. When I got home from these shoots, I sprinted to my duvet with a hot drink I was aways fine after a good warm rest.

During lockdowns I also skyped family and friends. Its good to still socialise in a safe way.

Q7. What have you done since lockdown ended?

It’s been such a joy to meet up with friends and family again and to be able to socialize. I’ve been catching up at the gym. I just missed the gym so much. Home workouts weren’t quite the same.

It’s also been great to be able to have photographers and models over to my home studio in Cambridge and to be able to travel again for work has been amazing. I was just itching to travel and made sure to schedule in as many Tours and events as I possibly could. From Scotland, Dublin and other UK places for work and Lanzarote for a holiday I absolutely made the most of restrictions being lifted. I forgot how amazing the rush was to fly and travel to new cities and places and I can wait for more travels in 2022!

Q8. Have you changed anything for the better during the pandemic?

I have tried to find a way to tackle obstacles in the way. Despite not being able to shoot in person during lockdowns I still made modelling possible for me by shooting remotely. I had lots of modelling experience but didn’t know anything about photography. During the first week of lockdown, I bought a camera and began learning as much as I could and shortly after I was able to carry out remote shoots. I still use my camera skills to this day and everything I have learnt as I shoot my own remote sets for onlyfans and still carry out remote shoots a few times a month. I also use my camera to film my product reviews for lingerie lowdown and help photographers who book me at my home studio with lighting, backdrops and occasionally camera settings if they have a canon camera too.

I also didn’t let lockdown stop me from working out and bought second-hand equipment and messaged everyone I know to get it. When the gyms shut all the gym equipment was sold out online and I had to find another way around to get equipment. I also did body weight workouts in the meantime.

As soon as the first lockdown was lifted, I organized Tours and modelling events and made sure I travelled as much as possible and did the things I’d wanted to do for years. Covid definitely taught me that I have a lot of tenacity and I’m incredibly motivated despite the obstacles in the way. It also helped me live life to the fullest and I’ve been so brave to travel to so many places on my own.

Q9. Anything else interesting to tell Sport Readers?

I am now engaged; all men please don’t cry haha! I’ve been in a serious relationship for over four years and during our recent holiday to Lanzarote my boyfriend proposed to me at a stunning romantic restaurant by the beach. It was such an emotional moment and such a special time in my life. I currently live with my boyfriend, and he’s been with me since day one of my modelling career. I’m so lucky to be with someone who is so liberal, modern, and supportive of my modelling career and my Only Fans. However, you won’t see him in front of the camera often as he’s a bit camera shy. Ironic isn’t it as he’s going to marry a model!

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Q10. What are your social media accounts?







Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpPnoVxrVn9dy6d87HNwJg

Photos Tony Nutley, Andy’s Photography & Ian Fuller for Daily Sport


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