Weekend 5 Minutes with Britney Amber

Today we catch up with SIZZLING hot US Pornstar Britney Amber and here is what she had to share with DAILY SPORT Sunday readers on a recent conference call.

Q1. What name would you like us to refer to you as? Britney Amber

Q2. Where are you from? Beaumont CA

Q3. Age? 33

Q4. What do you have for tattoos and how many hours have you put into them? I have tattoos on my lower abdomen, I’d say it took altogether about 3 hours.

Q5. Any piercings? Just my ears

Q6. How did you get your started in your industry? I began my journey into adult entertainment at the Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel in Northern Nevada. I met someone there who had been performing in adult films for many years so I asked her to introduce me to her agent and the rest is history!

Q7. How long have you been in the business? This December will be 12 years!

Q8. What are some of your previous projects? One of my favorite past projects is Naked by Kay Brandt and Adam & Eve. This movie is so well done I’m so proud to have been such a big part of it! Also another of my favorites is Barb Wire XXX from Dreamzone. I was so hot as Barb!!

Q9. Do you have any upcoming projects?Yes! The MotorBunny Club by Kay Brandt and Adam & Eve is out now! Also Marc Dorcels 40th anniversary orgy will be coming out next month!

Q10. What type of music do you listen to and who is your favourite band or artist? I know this is the most cliche answer but I literally do listen to everything! Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Queen. Bob Marley and Sublime are my all time favorites.

Q11. Do you have any hobbies?Yes my main hobby is archery and bow hunting.

Q12. Are you into video games? Sometimes, I dont have the time for video games usually, but the games I’ve been playing recently are Mortal Kombat 11 on Nintendo Switch and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on XBOX

Q13. Favourite sports and who is your favourite teams or persons? I’m not into sports.

Q14. Favourite type of movie and favourite all-time movie? Either 80s/90s horror or comedy. My all time favorite movies are Hellraiser Bloodline, Half Baked, Jurassic Park, and The Godfather.

Q15. Favourite type of food and favourite meal? I love a good filet mignon. There is this place called Rok & Fondue in Redlands CA that serves the filet on something called a “Rok” that is 800 degrees, it’s the most amazing filet I’ve ever had!

Q16. Favourite alcoholic drink? I’m not a drinker, but I might have a mimosa here and there.

Q17. Your No.1 inspiration in life? My daughter

Q18. Measurements? 36-26-36, I’m a BUSTY babe ;)

Q19. Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex? At a town fair behind a bush.

Q20. Do you prefer to make love or f**k? Depends on the situation and the person.

Q21. Favourite sexual position? Cowgirl anal

Q22. An interesting or unusual fact about you? People are usually surprised to hear that I bow hunt. I’m about to plan a trip to Texas soon to hunt Axis Deer!

Q23. Social Media? @britney_Amber on Instagram & Twitter so gimme a follow ;) and my website www.britneyamber.com

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