Cruelty Towers delivers a telling blow to tough Haye


Boxer David Haye was left gutted after his latest I’m A Celebrity trial – despite getting 6 out of a possible 7 stars.

As he arrived to take part in Cruelty Towers, hosts Ant and Dec asked why he agreed to do it and David replied, “Helen said it was loads of fun and I’d love it.”

Dec joked, “Helen had lots of fun when she was here last time.  All five seconds of it!”

David was told, that inside were five rooms, one reception room and four bedrooms.  He had to make his way through the whole tower and collect the seven stars available.

However, he wouldn’t be the only guest checking in, he would be joined by a host of jungle critters, which included, snakes, spiders and a crocodile.

He was then told, that in two of the Cruelty Towers rooms, he would have to remove the light bulb to collect one of the stars and would be plunged into darkness.  He would only be able to search for the second star once the room was dark.  He was given a torch to help him on his search.

The final room contained a surprise and he would have ten minutes to complete the Trial, two minutes in each room.

David entered the first room and was unfazed by the ostrich that occupied the reception area.  He quickly removed the lightbulb and got the first star which prompted critters to fall.  He moved behind the reception desk to the pigeon holes and found the second star.

Next up was one of the bedrooms which contained 12 snakes.   David searched the first set of draws, removed the pillow and slowly lifted the covers on the bed which held a host of various snakes.  He quickly navigated round to the other side of the bed and found the next star in the bedside cabinet.

Moving into the next room, David was greeted by a crocodile who was laying on the bed.  He had to remove one star from the light which plunged the room into darkness.  Advised by Ant and Dec that he should use the torch, David continued to remain calm and unfazed.  As he hunted for the second star he said, “What’s the bet its under its head.” He slowly lifted the pillow and found the star.  Confidently he stroked the crocodile and said,  “He’s not too bad.”  But then added, “If he’d started to move about I would have pooped myself.”

In the next room was over 50 spiders.  He quickly and calmly found the next star.  As he made his way to the final room he said, “I’m thinking you’ve saved the best until last.”

As he opened the door he was greeted by offal and flies. Using his hands he hunted for the star.  Promised a surprise, the roof of the room was edging down making the space smaller.  Struggling to find the star and with the time ticking, he said, “come on star.  I need you baby.”

Time ran out and David had to leave the room empty handed.  He said afterwards, “That was disgusting.”

Told he had won six out of seven meals for camp, the champion boxer added, “I did my best, a lot of losers say that.  Definitely by far the worst room I’ve been in and I’ve been in some crappy rooms in my time.”

Asked by Ant & Dec if he was surprised Helen didn’t complete it, he said, “ She’s a little squeamish we know that so i can understand why she didn’t do it.” And added, “It is do-able.”

However David was disappointed that he couldn’t win a meal for everyone. “I regard that as a big juicy loss, I didn’t think there was anything that this jungle could throw at me that I couldn’t do but how wrong was I?”


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