DJ Pat still not a hit after proving a Bush Tucker star

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Pat Sharp lived up to his boasting and got 11 out of 12 stars in his first Bush Tucker trial, but the DJ is still not a hit with his I’m a Celeb camp mates.

The 50-year-old told them he had scammed the public to vote for him by badly treating Lorraine Chase in “Tedwardgate” where he threatened to pull off her teddy bear’s head and burn it at the stake.

He told them: “I behaved the way I did yesterday because I wanted to get the public to vote for me to do a trial. I’ve got a scam going at the moment which is why I went overboard on Tedward, not to make Lorraine cry, I did it to get a go at something, I’m not a nasty person. Don’t go on a show and not get involved in it, I want to be on this show, I don’t want to sit and watch another task that Sinitta fails, boring!

“Up until now I had zero chance of getting a trial at least I get to have a go, no point being number 10 out of 12 every day, I’ve come here to do it, I’d rather be on it every day.”

But while Lorraine congratulated him some of the other celebrities weren’t so sure of his motives.  “Now he’s decided ‘I did it on purpose so I got picked’.  Well I don’t quite believe that” said Corrie’s Antony Cotton. Crissy Rock said: “I hope it goes tits up for him.”

Glamour babe Jessica-Jane Clement added:  “I think he’s like Marmite.  You either love him or you hate him because there’s some campmates in the camp that really didn’t like him and some that really do like him.”

Despite their history Lorraine said “Let’s hope it’s a really monster for him so he can really prove himself and it can be really worth what he caused to get it.”

Antony added: “There’s a reason that Pat’s not been on TV for ten years – he’s a massive knob. He’s not funny, he’s the unfunniest man I’ve ever met who says inappropriate things at inappropriate times. Imagine spending your whole life with him where everything involves him say ‘I’m just joking around pal.” This Tedwardgate where he was going to cut off his head and burn him on a stake in the fire like Joan of Arc made Lorraine very upset, it wasn’t a joke.”

But Pat had the last word.  “It’s time for someone else to have a go and time for me to bring back the food hopefully.  They might make it really tricky for me and I’ll bring back zero band look like a dick but such is life.  I’ve looked like a dick before.  Remember the 80s.”

The former Fun House presenter then confidently  strolled to the Trials area determined to win stars for camp in “Head-Trip”. He  told hosts Ant and Dec: “I think I was probably chosen due to Tedwardgate”.  I thought if I got a bit more involved rather than just being Mr Nice Guy like I am in real life.  I thought maybe someone will pick on me so it seemed that somebody’s the public so that’s great.  It wasn’t totally premeditated.  I absolutely want to get 12 stars to win the food for camp.  I’m definitely going to do it and I can’t see myself shouting I’m A Celebrity so I’m going to go for it.”

Pat had to travel through a long tunnel that was split into five different environments.  He had to move through each one and solve the puzzles in each one to win up to the 12 stars.  And in each environment, there were also jungle critters.  And to make matters worse, only his head was in the environment, so he would literally come face to face with them.

However he proved up to the task and successfully got 11 stars out of a possible 12.

Clearly pleased with himself he said: “It’s tough.  The insects didn’t bother me as much because I was only looking at the stars.  The last meal I’m going to give it to Tedward.  Tedward gets my meal.  Lorraine’s happy, we’re all friends again.  It’s going to be great.  I’m still the panto villain.  I’m just going to carry on being me.”


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