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It’s not often you come across something so ingeniously unique that you can’t stop smiling and laughing at the thought of surprising and pranking literally everybody that you know. You see I found myself faced with the annual conundrum of what to buy my boyfriend for his birthday and lost several hours of my life searching the deepest and darkest corners of the internet for a fun and fitting personalised gift. And then I came across the edible anus and it was as if all my prayers had been answered!

The edible anus is a delightful collection of little chocolate arseholes in a pretty presentation box available in white, milk and dark chocolate varieties. Much like those Christmas selections where the chocolate orange piece always comes in an orange shaped chocolate segment and the strawberry creme has the dotty top, the edible chocolate anuses have the adorable dents and creases of a ripened ring-piece from an actual arse.TK 232018

You can imagine my excitement at the thought of giving my boyfriend a box of arse for his birthday, but then I came to thinking as funny as it is it would be even better if it was my own arse – and fortunately Edible Anus offer personal anus casting as an option! A short trip into London and I found myself spread eagle with my legs in the air and buttocks prized apart as owner Magnus merrily poured dental putty into my winky-hole and I tried my hardest not to laugh or speak because it would clench it up and spoil the putty.

After a couple of minutes he politely prized the rubbery mould from my special place and informed me that it was a great success and production could begin. Much like fingerprints, every arsehole is different and identifiable and I just know that my boyfriend will never have received a personalised gift as unique and awesome as this! But eating my anus in the form of pretty little chocolates is a rather instant gift to give and I really wanted to get him a keepsake he could treasure forever and take to his nursing home with him so that he can continue to tell this tale to anybody who will listen for many years to come. Conveniently Edible Anus also cast anuses in solid bronze for the cool sum of £540.00 which is a process that takes 4-6wks and has to be performed by a jeweller to create such a precious metal object d’art.TK 232018 (1)

Now I’m not blowing my own trumpet here but I’m pretty sure I’ve just owned the shit out of unique birthday gift giving forever – literally!

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