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It was a bold move to decide to change my hair from blonde to red, but one that I’d been thinking about for quite some time. 

I feel that women go through phases every few years or so where they crave a change in life – more often than not it involves a change to their appearance and what bigger change than transforming your hair!?

In the past when relationships have ended I’ve made the bold decision to cut my hair short, change the colour or fill my wardrobe with empowering and sexy new outfits to celebrate my newfound freedom in life.

Whilst this time around I’m in a longterm relationship and life is pretty sweet and steady, the reason for my change came more from a gut instinct than a midlife crisis or catastrophe. I’ve been toying with the idea of changing my long blonde hair for a couple of years now, but as my boyfriend likes me as a blonde I’ve held off of doing anything different to please him.

The more I held back and stuck to the same old routine with my hairdresser the more the enthusiasm for change built up inside of me until eventually I was ready to implode. I came to realise that others may like us to look a certain way, and it’s human nature to want to please them and fit their ideals, but actually it’s personal choice and independent happiness which leads us to make bold and brave decisions.

Whilst my boyfriend reassured me that he wouldn’t dislike my hair if I were no longer blonde, I knew that it was the right time for me to make a change for myself and nobody else. And what better way to change up your appearance than by dyeing your hair bright ginger!

I feel that there is a stigma attached to redheads which is unfairly bestowed. People seem to treat people negatively because of their red, orange, ginger, strawberry blonde, warm or whatever term of phrase you want to call it to define this hair colour. 

In a nutshell ginger is seen as undesirable whilst blonde is sex on legs and I don’t see the fairness in that at all as the two colours are so very close together on the scale, the in-between of a blonde and a brunette if you will. 

So when I decided to switch from being a blonde bombshell to a fiery redhead I knew that people may treat me differently for it, but I don’t mind, hair is hair, there are worse things to worry about in the world. 

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Ecstatically I am pleased to say that, whilst I’ve enjoyed my fair share of attention from being a Barbie doll blonde for many years, being a redhead has ignited a whole new wave of affection that I totally wasn’t expecting. I’ve been wolf-whistled and beeped at by drivers more times than I can count this past week and it’s reassured me that I’ve totally made the right decision to change to red locks.

It was never my intention to try to draw attention to myself as I don’t set out to try to make people fall in love with me or shower me with compliments, I just go about my day in a way that makes me look and feel my best – in whatever form that may be. 

The stigma attached to redheads seems to be non-existent now that I am one as all I have received is praise and compliments which is so wonderfully unexpected. Having a warmer colour hair makes my eyes shine brighter, lifts my skin tone and brings a pop of colour and positivity to every outfit that I wear. I wish I’d done this years ago!

The moral of the story here is to take a bold leap and make the change that you’ve been thinking about, book that holiday, ask for a promotion and invite somebody you’ve been admiring from afar on a date! Life is too short to live only half of your dreams just to please other people – the more true that you are to yourself the happier you’ll be from within and it will show in all that you do!

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