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As soon as the sun shines I’m like a puppy with its head out of the car window, ears and lips flapping, eyes closed and a ridiculous cheesy grin – I just can’t help but get excited about summer! So when I mentioned to my boyfriend that we should get away from the rain and grey skies in search of paradise I was pretty stoked when he agreed.

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I’ve only ever been on holiday with two of my ex’s before, the first when I was a teenager and it turned out that he had a girlfriend – who he ran off to secretly phone everyday – and I was actually his side chick which was pretty awkward to discover in another country, and another ex several years later who hated flying and refused to leave the hotel room so hired a DVD player to watch Finding Nemo on repeat… Needless to say that put me off of going on holiday with guys for quite a while after that.

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Seeing as my boyfriend and I haven’t murdered each other yet I hoped that the curse of holidaying as a couple would have expired by now and it could actually be fun – moreso I think the moral of this story is not to go away with d*cks really. Lesson learned. So we booked a week in the Maldives on the biggest island Kandima which is a stunningly stylish 5* resort where Katie Price got married, although I didn’t know at the time or I’d have made sure my boyfriend realised and unsubtly left ring size guides everywhere. The Maldives is famously the hottest destination for couples and honeymooners and we stayed in an aqua villa over the ocean which has been on my bucket list forever!

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It was everything we’d hoped it would be and so much more; sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters, stunning sunshine, amazing food, plenty of entertainment and absolute paradise to explore. From jet skis and bikes to gymming, swimming and learning to paint and cook we didn’t stop once. My face hurt from smiling, we fell asleep in each others arms exhausted tanned and toned every evening and laughed our way through every day. It made up for every let down ex and wet weekend I’ve ever had in our week of pure ecstasy and it’s something I highly recommend everybody try at least once in life.TK 4518 (1)

As a couple it’s made us so much closer, even though we were incredibly close before we went; being able to socialise, adventure and live together gave us an escape from everyday life and the chance to have a sneak peek at our future. Everything just feels better on holiday, packing your bags and leaving all of the stress and headaches behind to enjoy life and live in the moment is something so rare and precious that we all need to have more of – and sex! ;)

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