Footy midweek frenzie

Welcome to the next instalment of my weekly milestone.

As always I’ll start with the sport and at long last it’s hotting up.   We’ve already had the first sacking of the season and the league itself seems to have had a little pick-me-up to get it’s arse in gear.  Firstly,  Paulo’s gone……Do you agree? I’m not sure if I do.   He was there 6 months and he’s only just got his team sorted with the players he fancied.  They gave him 4 games then Toodle-ooo, off you go.  In my opinion the guy needed more time but don’t get me wrong, he’s nuttier than squirrels shit but seems to know the game as he showed in his Swindon days.  But it begs the question, should he have been given the position as a Premiership manager with only a few seasons under his belt at a lower league?  It reminds me of the Zola situation at West Ham a few years back.  Both his and Paulo’s appointments were clearly based on their reputations as player’s.  Poor show by the Black Cats if you ask me.  Now they are relegation material for me.

West Ham were out-classed by one man, so I’m not too fussed although I’m a little worried about the striker situation at Upton Park.

As I predicted Manchester United have nothing in their locker .  They will be lucky to make the top 4 this year.  I think Moyes is shit and needs to go…maybe Paulo will be next in line there.

Liverpool?  Well this is the reason why this is the best league in the world and they were muck!

I attended the Spurs v Cardiff game on Sunday.   It was probably the one fixture I really fancied this year as Tottenham have bought smart and a few of their new boys are very impressive.  Cardiff started bright but ultimately were outdone in the end.   Erikson is a really decent player and the best signing as far as I’m concerned.   Townsend was very sharp too and  looking at a few of the England future prospects this year, signals good times ahead with players such as Barkley, Wilshire, Walker etc… So the Brazilian nicked a cheeky goal at the end.   I’d like to say Cardiff deserved something but in this league you have to take the few chances you get and they fluffed all of theirs –  Gunnerson being the main culprit for Cardiff.

We stayed for a few beers in the suite after the game before heading into Cardiff.

Here’s a link to a video online – take a look.   A Cardiff fan trying to get the Spurs signatures for his old man ….He’d had a few shandies and was dressed like he’d been laid-off from and looking like he had been on the piss for 3 days  but it is brilliant  ( listen to the last sentence !)


After the game we had a VIP invite to a bar and we were told that this was The place to go in Cardiff.  What a let down.   Unfortunately it was nothing of the sort.  Flat “champagne” and arsey managers were the issue.  So if you are in Cardiff, I would stay away from the Soda Bar as it’s a complete, waste of time.  There were quite a lot of very brave Spurs fan’s lingering around too but a good laugh though.

After a great deal of thought and people watching, I have come to the conclusion that unless you want to go home with a student or a gold digger then Cardiff is not really the place to be anymore – indeed, was it ever??, There are a few smart birds knocking about but nothing to write home about anymore.  I think you have to go more long haul now, maybe Bristol should be the next stop.  I think the best night out I have had is Newcastle, good laugh there even if it’s a little punchy.


As far as betting goes this week,  I would keep it simple.  I had a little flutter on Sunday with Motherwell drawing which lost me £600.

I’m seeing it :

Leeds, Swansea,  Liverpool, Stoke tonight and this weekend.

Southampton, West Ham, Spurs and Manchester City.

They will both be a tasty return.

If you fancy spending your winnings on some great new gear,  I have been doing a bit of shopping online.  There are a few new lines that I think are doing some decent stuff this season.  Take a look at @freshcouture , they have some lovely t-shirts on there.

I’m off to Portugal this week for a bit of sun and to explore the night life.

See you soon and have a good week. 

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