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Welcome to the next instalment of Mockneys Milestone.  RIP Sir David Frost.

Last weekend was a busy one in the sporting world, not just in the footy but in other genres too.

So the Gunners had Spurs! I’m not looking into this as much as others.  Any top 4 team should be winning games in their own back yard. With Spurs spending vast amounts before the game and Arsenal spending sweet F.A (scuse the pun), it was always going to go the home side’s way.  Wenger is lucky like that ……Tactically though,I think Spurs messed up.   They were crying out for a Playmaker in midfield so why sit Lemella on the bench? I don’t know about you but find there seems to be this rule when a team buys a player that they bring him on in the 70th minute, to get special applause and adoration when coming on.

The Reds of Manchester in my opinion are in the shite this year and it showed on Sunday just how weak they actually were.  Liverpool weren’t anything special either but United were just plain awful. I can’t see them even being contenders this year unless Moyes starts pulling the strings a little.  You can tell he’s so worried about slipping up as he’s playing too safe and too defensive and this year they are going to be there for the taking.  I can’t see him lasting that long to be honest, as the guy is absolutely clueless! There are at least 3 top-class players he’s leaving out and he needs to either sell them or play them.

I attended the Cardiff v Everton game at the Cardiff City Stadium on Saturday.  The Premiership new boys are doing OK so far.  They are holding their own …but again you have to have a good home form if you are going to survive in this league. The game finished a draw and quite possibly one of the most boring games I’ve ever seen!!

The highlight of the day was seeing Nikki Maynard’s Mrs. after the game …..She was “something else”!  The boy has done well there.  She must have been from his West Ham days as you don’t see girls like that in Cardiff!! – Well I don’t, at least not yet I haven’t.

Fancy a Flutter? Here are my tips for the week:

Friday’s Internationals:-

Belgium, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Portugal will all walk it. Chuck £20 on that you’ll get a decent night out on Saturday.

Some tennis is being played in Flushing Meadows I hear   (not the flushing of the meadows) although it does sound like a Porta-Loo company.  In the U.S Open,Murray is still in and going strong, so all the best to him. I don’t know about you but I only ever watch Wimbledon.  The excitement used to be getting a Brit to win it and now that has happened, well Idon’t know, maybe it should be expected now and why not?Either way the guy is representing us on a massive scale.  He is No. 2 in the world so credit where credit is due, he’s doing extremely well.  

Hey guess what??? That Advert Show is back with the X Factor being shown in between! Cheryl’s not there so I’m not watching, not that Tulisa was not  much of an improvement seeing as she was supposed to be No. 1 hottest girl in the UK.  I personally knowabout 20 birds that are hotter than Her .

Right guys if you’re like me, a member of three gyms and not been to one in years then I want to hear from you. You can contact me on my twitter @MockneyDS

I have been looking over these monthly diets and detox adverts to rip me up (and rip me off!!) for a trip to Portugal this month…. I know about the herbal drinks etc.but do they actually work?? ..Or could you just drink any normal milkshake 3 times a day and not eat??  Would the weight fall off you anyway?  I’m now trialling my latest fad “The Aloe Vera Detox  Plan” much to the shock and dismay of all that know me as they say I am built like a Greek God but I say there’s always room for improvement.   It’s a 9 day plan that detoxes your body completely.  The aim is to only consume natural sources e.g. tablets and this aloe liquid over the course of the 9 days which in turn will improve energy level and lose up to 14 lbs over the course of the 9 days.  The reason I chose this one is because I hadn’t heard of it before so I’m giving it a bash.  To be honest it tastes like shite, so it must be good for ya …

I’m interested to know what you guys have tried and if it’s actually worked??

I’ll keep you posted with my progress and a “before and after” pic.  I’m currently searching through my baby pictures as I write.

 That Insanity programme seems ……..yes, INSANE!!  I think they should make a workout DVD with just naked women in it ….you’d stick to it that’s for sure. Hmmm maybe that’s a plan.

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